Riverfield Raven Revelry

2020 — NSDA Campus, OK/US


The Raven Revelry  Goes Virtual

                     Saturday, November 7     


Speech & Debate Colleagues—

We are delighted to host our Revelry for the seventh year, and this time all rounds will be conducted on the NSDA Classroom platform. 

This is a Qualifying and Novice tournament conducted by the rules of the OSSAA.

EVENTS:   Each Prose Interp, Poetry Interp, Monologue, Humorous Interp, Dramatic Interp, Humorous Duet, Dramatic Duet, Standard Oratory, Original Oratory, Domestic Extemp, Foreign Extemp,  Policy Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate.    

ENTRIES:  Schools may enter an unlimited number of events per event, provided sufficient judges are provided.   Entries must be recorded on Tabroom by 5:00pm, Monday, Nov. 2. 

FEES:   $6 for individual events, $8 for duets,  $5 for LD,  $10 for PF and CX teams 

DROP/ADD:  Adds will be accepted until 5:00pm Tuesday, Nov 3. S   Drops/name changes accepted until 5:00pm Wednesday, Nov.4.  See the OSSAA handbook for drop fees. 

AWARDS:  Medals for all events (1st, 2nd, 3rd )  No Sweepstakes Awards this year.   Medals will be mailed to schools the week after the Revelry.

JUDGES:  Once judge is required for every two CX debate teams. One judge for every four LD debaters and for every four PF teams.  One judge for every twelve IE entries and an additional 25 missing judge fee.  Please help IE judges understand that this will be a whole new way of adjudicating speech rounds.  IE judges should be able to access the videos  for their rounds on Wednesday, Nov.4.   They may watch rounds and fill out the online ballots during the week and finish judging by Friday evening. 

PAYMENT:  Invoices can be accessed on Tabroom, and reminders will be sent the week after the Revelry. 


If you are a coach unfamiliar with Virtual Tournaments, please be assured that this will be something you will be able to understand and access easily.   More important, you can assure your students that although this will indeed be different, they will get to lift their voices, tell their stories, present their arguments,     let their lights shine, and represent their team with passion and pride. 

The first place I recommend visiting is the NSDA Classroom site  https://www.speechanddebate.org/nsda-campus/    Watch their tutorials, step through the process, check out their training materials.   Here are some other tips you might find helpful:

Virtual Tournament Procedures:

1.     Review Tabroom Manual: Please review the Tabroom manual here: http://docs.tabroom.com/Main_Page.

2.     Review NSDA Campus Manual: Please review the NSDA Campus manual here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hej13hqfKmSHEVDYU-rc6UiVlaK0xbp6uGgwBHtSXIQ/edit?usp=sharing

3.     Register and Link All Tournament Participants in Tabroom: All participants must have a Tabroom account. Please follow these instructions to create a Tabroom account: https://www.speechanddebate.org/creating-linking-account-tabroom/.

4.     Asynch Video Uploads: Please have your students upload their performances by Tuesday, Nov. 3, 4:00pm

5.     Submitted competition videos should be “one take” with no editing or post-production .

6.     Please have all participants use Google Chrome as per NSDA Campus guidance.

7.     Room Check-In Procedures: Please have debaters check in 30 minutes prior to the round when possible.  Tournament staff will be monitoring each room.

8.     Due to equity concerns, Duo Interpretation recordings must be split screen.



We will start early.  But hey, at least you don’t have to leave school at 6:00am and travel to Tulsa


8:00am         Extemp draw

8:30            Extemp round 1

10:00          Debate round 1

12:00          Debate round 2

1:30            Debate round 3

3:00         Extemp Finals Draw

3:30           Extemp Finals


David Wright, Coach    dwright@riverfield.org      918-346.-0649  

Chaz Stephens, Assistant Coach  cstephens@riverfield.org    918-924-3687