Okarche Invitational

2020 — NSDA Campus, OK/US

Dear coaches and judges,

Please note a slight schedule change:  Video upload deadline has been extended to Wednesday at 5:00 P.M. to accommodate those schools and individuals who have been without power and internet for extended time; however, the ENTRY DEADLINE has not changed.  


The schedule for the Okarche Invitational Tournament will be as follows:

Thursday:  Asynchronous events 8:00 to noon, noon to 5:00, and 5:00 to 10:00

Friday:  Asynchronous events 8:00 to noon, noon to 5:00, and 5:00 to 10:00

(Exact events and types (prelim or finals) in each of the six time periods will be determined based on number of events and available judges.)

We might also need to have some rounds on Saturday.  If so, the same time schedule would be utilized.

The schedule for extemporaneous speaking is as follows:  Sat. Draw at 8:00 and speak at 8:30.  For finals, draw at 12:45 and speak at 1:15.

The schedule for debate (all formats) is as follows:  Sat. round 1-9:45, round 2-11:15, round 3-2:30, round  4-4:00, round 5, if needed-6:00, and round 6, if needed-8:00.  This is subject to change.

Coaches, when you register your judges, please note when they are available to judge each day.  (A judge needs to be available at least three of the Thursday and Friday windows to count; you may combine partial judges to meet your required number.  Please also note if a judge would be available for Saturday, if needed.  We really hope to have all synchronous events completed by Friday night.)