Nano Nagle Classic Formerly Voices

2020 —, CA/US

2020 Nano Nagle Classic hosted by Presentation HS

formerly known as the Voices Invitational

Varsity competition in the following DEBATE EVENTS: Policy, Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum and  Congress SPEECH EVENTS:   DI, HI, Duo, POI, IX, USX, IMP, OO, OA, INF, OPP

Tournament of Champion Quarterfinals bids in both LD and PF


Live Tournament on October 9-11 and Round Robin on October 12 2020, Recorded Speech Rounds October 5-9.
All rounds are hosted on the same platform that hosted NSDA Nats this summer!  

Live Round in Policy, LD, PF, Congress, IX, USX and IMP

Recorded Rounds for all other speech events including DUO.

LIVE ELIMINATION ROUNDS IN ALL SPEECH & DEBATE EVENTS except Duo which is fully asynchronous...just like at nationals. ALL RECORDINGS MUST BE SUBMITTED ON TABROOM NO LATER THAN Sunday, October 4th at 3 pm PST!


We cordially invite you and your team to attend the first annual Nano Nagle Classic formerly known as the Voices Invitational.   Brand new name, same great tournament.  We have chosen to honor our school's foundress moving forward.  This allows us to honor our roots and still maintain our commitment to supporting speech and debate non-profits with a significant portion of the money we raise each year.  In that past we have always and only supported the Voices Foundation.  As we evolve and add other events, we also decided to leave open the possibility of supporting other worthy speech and debate related non-profit organizations.  This year we will once again support the Voices Foundation and we may add other organizations to the list of charitable organizations to which we offer our support.  SO SIGN UP AND HELP US HELP OTHERS!  We will announce all recipients of funds generated from this tournament as soon as we have identified that list of recipients.  

Note about scheduling:  The schedule is event specific and will be published ASAP.  Debate rounds will run Friday through Sunday for tournament rounds with LD and PF Round Robin rounds taking place on Sunday afternoon and Monday.  Recorded speech rounds will be judged Monday through Friday, 10/05 - 10.09 with LIVE ELIMINATION ROUNDS taking place on, Saturday ONLY.  Please check the updated Speech schedule for more details!  



Since 2005, the Voices Foundation has raised funds for members of the debate community with financial need, in order to increase access to debate opportunities. Last year we generated $16,000 for the Voices Foundation through the tournament. We hope that you can join us for this tremendous event.


In accordance with TOC guidelines, the tournament will be able to accommodate 136 VLD and 136 VPF entries. Once we reach the cap in an event we will start a waitlist that will prioritize new school admission and then smaller school entries. There will be an initial cap of 5 entries in LD and 5 in PF per school.

All debate divisions will feature six preliminary rounds of debate and will clear all winning records to the elimination rounds up to a full double-octafinal.

In VLD and Policy mutual preference judging will be available to all schools whose judges have entered their paradigms on Tabroom.  ALL of your judges must have a paradigm on Tabroom in order for you to receive prefs.



The LD Round Robin and the PF Round Robin will take place on Monday, October 12th this year. If you are interested in attending, please send an application of accomplishments to  There will no no judge preference system in place during the round robin portion of the tournament.  Every entry must provide a judge.  


ALL ONLINE...see you on


Please note that all times are PACIFIC STANDARD TIME (PST). 



In light of moving to a virtual tournament this year, we are slashing entry fees for the tournament in hopes to make us a more affordable option for folks.   Moreover, in line with our mission, if any student is in need of financial assistance to compete in this year's Nano Nagle Classic PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME!  We never want finances to be a reason kids skip this tournament.  

All payments are due prior to the start of the tournament and all fees must be paid before Round 1 without exception.  Make all checks out to Presentation High School and mail to

Heath Martin

Presentation Speech and Debate

2281 Plummer Avenue

San Jose, CA 95125






1.  Check in online through Tabroom between 8am and 12pm PST on Friday, October 9th. 

2.  Digital Bus Forms due by Friday at 1pm. 



LD $80 per entry

PF $80 per entry

Policy $100 per entry

Congress $25 per entry

Speech Events $25 per entry

LD & PF RR $125 per entry



All schools are required to provide qualified, competent judges.  All judges are required to have a paradigm on If you enter judges without a paradigm you are at risk of having your prefs turned off.   All judges must be familiar with using for ballots and are required to do so. We will charge a $75 Administration Fee for each judge that needs to be trained or have their tabroom account fixed. In the past, this has caused significant delay to the tournament. If you do not have a judge who is competent as an adjudicator *and* with using the e-balloting, please contact me ahead of time. We'd rather solve that issue beforehand.  We will assess fines in real time.  No entry from your school will be allowed to advance to elim rounds if fees are unresolved.  WE WANT YOUR JUDGES...NOT YOUR MONEY!  

ALL judges are obligated for the double octafinals round, which we plan to hold on Saturday evening. FULL OUT ROUND- DOUBLES.  Judges are then obligated for one round past the exit of their final entry.  



We will look to hire some judges for the tournament so if you are looking to pick up a contract for the weekend of October 9-12 please contact Heath Martin at - please reach out ASAP so we can get all necessary paperwork complete before the tournament begins.  

Hired judge fees are not one set rate and depend on what we must pay to secure the judge on your behalf. Contact with requests.

There are no exceptions to these rules. Please do not ask, it will be a futile effort. We WILL NOT accept independent entries who do not achieve the following criteria:

1. You must have an adult, school-approved chaperone register you through Tabroom.  This adult is the only person with whom tournament officials will communicate about anything related to that school's entire entry at our tournament.  If we cannot communicate with this adult over the course of the registration process and tournament proper, we will be forced to drop the entire entry.  

2. If you are attending as a maverick on your own then you must possess approval, in the form of a signed official letter, to compete by your school's administration and acknowledging the name of your chaperone/coach as a school-approved chaperone/coach.

We do not accept entries under the names of for-profit private organizations and those students must compete under the name of their actual school. Students who participate in these groups are free to continue to do so, but they will have to obtain approval in the same way that any other independent entry would.  

3.  NO MIDDLE SCHOOL ENTRIES THIS YEAR- We anticipate the field will grow this year so we are restricting entries to grades 8-12 only.  Until then, please only enter students in grades 8-12.  We will not allow 6th and 7th graders to enter this  year.  

We do not offer "school protection" for these students to not have to debate each other. We also will not provide school protection between a high school and their affiliated middle school. 



We will use the NSDA rules in Public Forum meaning we will use these time limits:

First Speaker - Team A 4 minutes 

First Speaker - Team B 4 minutes 

Crossfire 3 minutes 

Second Speaker - Team A 4 minutes 

Second Speaker - Team B 4 minutes 

Crossfire 3 minutes 

Summary - First Speaker - Team A 3 minutes 

Summary - First Speaker - Team B 3 minutes 

Grand Crossfire 3 minutes 

Final Focus - Second Speaker - Team A 2 minutes

 Final Focus - Second Speaker - Team B 2 minutes 

Prep time 3 minutes.