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Join the Novice Season Kickoff! (COVID-Edition) Discord Server. Please change your nickname to anything that can identify you, that way when we assign roles, it is easier (ie. first + last initial or entry code).


*Note: This server is not completely “developed”. More channels and rooms will be added as time goes on.




Registration OPENS tomorrow (July 6th at 12:00 AM CDT) for our tournament! First-come, first-served


Registration Update: Hi y'all! When you register, you will be placed on the waitlist. The reason for this is because we do not want to "admit" any competitors until we have an adequate ratio of admitted competitors to judges. We are setting the ratio at 1:4 at this time, so for every 1 judge registered in an event, we will admit the first 4 competitors off the waitlist.


 Please try to get as many judges as possible! The more, the merrier (and more people can get in)!




Open-tent educational tournament to novices only (interp of "novice" is up to you). No fees or judging obligations, and rounds will be held through Discord. Only LD and PF debate events. Topics are can be found under events and divisions.

Anyone who isn't a novice (again, interp of "novice" is up to you) can judge. Please sign up via the Judge Signup tab in tabroom. Obligations are not "all-or-nothing", let us know which rounds you can/cannot judge. (Check Schedule for more details, don't forget times are in CDT).

Contact us by email (click Customer Service) under Contacts on the right sidebar.

See you in August!

Hello and welcome to the Inaugural Novice Season Kickoff! (COVID-Edition). On behalf of the administration and staff, we cordially invite you to participate in this fun and educational debate tournament! We hope you enjoy the experience that we offer! Anyone can attend, from ANYWHERE!

The main purpose of this tournament is to prepare incoming novices for the upcoming season with practice debates and insightful feedback. Thus, we are limiting entries to only novices. Novices are defined as anyone who is in middle school or first/second-year high school debaters. The definition is not really that helpful - what's important is your experience. Please make the judgment yourself! We don't check eligibility.

If you aren't a novice - don't leave yet! Please register to judge! We need experienced debaters to give feedback and to adjudicate the debate rounds. While we are not "contracting" judges, we definitely will provide volunteer hours for a community service organization! Please email us for more details.

And to top it all of, this tournament is open-tent. Anyone, from anywhere, can compete/judge. We only have one request - don't no-show, please. This tournament is free of (fees + judging obligations + bonds)! Help us make debate more equitable!

We'll be using Discord to host debate rounds - more info soon to be released on this. We'll also provide training - just in case you are not familiar with the platform.

Registration will open via. on July 6th at 12:00 AM CDT! We are limited in resources so please register! We will on first-come, first-served.

We offer Lincoln-Douglas Debate (LD) and Public-Forum Debate (PF).
While it is possible to enter in both events, please note that rounds for LD and PF are B2B, thus, please be certain before X-Entering.

If you have any questions, please utilize the Contact Email on the right sidebar.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The UROD Institute for Enrichment and Extra-Curricular Activities


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