PanDebatic Open

2020 — ONLINE, US

Welcome to the PanDebatic Open hosted by The Golden State Academy. (This tournament is not hosted at Diablo Valley College but online)


UPDATE: MS/Novice and Open Policy added due to inquiries. We hope to keep the divisions separate but if not enough entries sign up, we will collapse.

While we know this is a difficult time for everyone, we want to offer the speech and debate community opportunities to continue to hone their skills via competition. As such we are happy to offer an open invite to all 5th through 12th graders an opportunity to compete at this online invitational.


This tournament will be a single division meaning that students of all experience levels will be grouped together. This is due to the fact that we expect sign ups to be small and as such don't want to promise we will have enough entries to warrant separate divisions.

We will collapse speech events if necessary as well in order to allow everyone an ability to compete and receive feedback. We know this may not ideal for all but again, some events may not get sufficient entries and to avoid cancelling their ability to perform and express their talent, we want to be able to showcase it among the other competitors. 

Debate will have 6 rounds with those with winning records being recognized at the end of the tournament. We will have three preliminary rounds for speech. Awards will be determined base on the final amount of entries but we expect to recognize the top 5 in each speech event. There will be no speaker awards given. Sorry.

Judges will be required. We ask for one judge for four speech entries. One judge for every four debate entries. All judges will be required to have a linked tabroom account and once we decide on the videoconferencing format (it will most likely be zoom or webex), you may also be required to create an account. We will send those final details over the weekend. As of now, we don't have any judging hires available but if you absolutely need some help, please let us know by emailing is at and we will do our best to honor your request, we cannot guarantee it.


Entry fees are:

$20 for LD

$20 for speech

$40 for PF/CX ($20 per student)

NOTE: There will be no school fee. If that had shown on your invoice originally, sorry about that.

Payments will be accepted via paypal or we can invoice you directly via square to pay with credit card. 

All entries will be begin on waitlist until payment has been resolved. Schools who will need to get a check issued by their institution can send a PO order as proof via email at

Sorry but all independent entries and academies must pay in advanced before they are removed from waitlist.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us using the emails above or at Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all soon.



Victor Rivas Umana

Natalie Stolarski

Golden State Academy