Georgetown Spring Practice Tournament

2020 — Washginton, DC/US

This is a practice tournament that anyone can enter. $100/team. $150/hired judge.


The entry fee is included you register for the regular tournament. [site, tabroom registration]


You also need to enter the practice tournament here if you want to practice. There is no additional fee unless you want to hire a judge for the practice tournament. 


March 28


All Rounds Will be Preset -- PF & LD


10AM ET -- PF & LD R1

11:30 AM ET -- PF & LD R2

12:30 AM ET  -- PF & LD R3

1:30 PM ET -- PF & LD R4

All rounds will be preset -- Policy

1pm -- Policy R1

2:30 -- Policy R2

5pm  -- Policy R3


7:30 pm -- Policy R4