Georgetown 2020 Intl PF Tournament

2020 — Washginton, NY/US

Topic: April 2020 PF



Location: ICC Building, Georgetown University
Enter at 37 & O


April 4

7:00am -- Pairings released

7:45am Round 1
10:10 am Round 2
12: 30 Round 3
2:00 Round 4
5:15 Round 5 
7::30 m -- Round 6

April 5

ALL 4-2 teams will reach the elimination rounds. 

8am First elim

10:30 Second elim (partials, as needed)
1: 30 third elim

2:30 Third elim
3:30 Fourth elim
4:30 Fifth elim (as needed)

This spring we will be using a modified Mutual Judge Preference system in VARSITY

Rounds 1-2: Random judging
Rounds 4-6 Preferences
Elim rounds: 2 preffed judges, one non-preffed/randomly assigned judge

How Preferences work

Prior to the tournament, all students competing in varsity will have the option to place judges in 9 categories (the 9 categories will be evenly divided across the total number of judges). Category 9 will be strikes in will  count in all debates.

Rounds 1-2. Judges will be assigned randomly, as in a normal tournament. Your strikes (category 9) will apply.
Rounds 4-6. Judges will be placed in debates based on the following

Round 3

Teams down 2 -- highest available mutually preferred (between the two teams) judges will be places

Teams down 1 -- second highest available

Teams down 0 -- third highest

Round 4

Teams down 2
Teams down 1

Teams down 0
Teams down 3

Round 5

Teams down 2

Teams down 1

Teams down 0
Teams down 3
Teams down 4

Round 6

Teams down 2

Teams down 1

Teams down 0

Teams down 3

Teams down 4

Teams down 5


Two mutually preferred judges will be placed in each debate, based on a balance of preferences across all debates. One judge will be randomly selected to be placed in each debate.

Important Note

The tournament must be paired with available judges, so this system does not guarantee any particular level of preference, but it will maximize mutual preference across all "in it" debates.