The Holiday Havoc Invitational

2020 — Online - NIETOC - NSDACampus, ID/US

Welcome to the 2020 Holiday Havoc Invitational

Saturday, December 5th

Hosted by Columbia High School, Nampa


We hope you will join us for the 2020 Holiday Havoc Invitational.  This year we will return to the "roots" of this event and be a one-day speech only competition.  We will offer all 14 IHSAA events in both Novice and Varsity divisions.  The day will be split into 3 rounds of A and then 3 rounds of B events with finals.  Awards will be presented to all final round participants.

Students may double-enter in this tournament in Pattern B events.  In Pattern A events, students may double enter unless they are in a draw event (Extemp, Radio, or Retold) or Panel. 

There will be 3 preliminary rounds, starting at 8:30 am on Saturday morning.   

To cover the expense of the NSDACampus software, entry fees will only be $3 per entry as long as you have judges to cover.  One judge will cover 5 entries in each pattern, or 10 total slots for the day!   

Please read the invitation that is linked on the website for complete information! 

Please contact Jeff Stoppenhagen at if you have any questions and we hope to see you "online" in December from Nampa!