Aristoteles Invitational Crater High School North Medford HS

2020 — Central Point, OR/US

Dear Coaches and Students,

We hope you can join us for the first annual Aristoteles Invitational! This is a joint tournament collaboration between North Medford HS and Crater HS. The tournament is named after the northernmost crater on the moon, Aristoteles, named after famed philosopher (North + Crater = Aristoteles!). This year, the tournament will take place at Crater High at 655 N. 3rd Street in Central Point, OR.

We will feature most Oregon Speech & Debate events with the additions of Big Questions Debate, SpAr Debate and Storytelling.

For debate, we will use the MARCH topics featured on NSDA. We will not use internet prep for any type of debate.

For congress, we will use the FEBRUARY NSDA bill packet along with legislation submitted by individual schools, up to two pieces per school. Please submit legislation by Feb. 10th by e-mailing it to The legislation packet will be featured on Tabroom on the morning of Feb. 11th. We WILL use internet prep for student congress.

Big Questions debaters can enter as pairs or individuals.

Storytelling is a 5-minute event with a 30 second grace period. Competitors in this event will present a story (published, original, fairy tale, etc.) from memory (does not require word for word recitation) using a chair as a prop. The theme for storytelling is "What the Heart Wants."

SpAr Debate, or Spontaneous Argument, is an impromptu style of debate. Students compete as individuals. They will be assigned affirmation and negation, and each round will be triple flighted. Each affirmative speaker will be given two topics, one serious and one humorous. They will eliminate one, and the remaining topic will be debated. We will use the following structure for this debate:

Prep-- 1 minute

AFF Constructive-- 2 minutes

Cross Ex of AFF-- 1 minute

NEG Constructive-- 2 minutes

Cross Ex of NEG-- 1 minute

AFF Rebuttal-- 2 minutes

NEG Rebuttal-- 2 minutes

AFF Closing-- 1 minute

NEG Closing-- 1 minute

Students cannot double enter on Friday (Big Questions and Congress).

Students can double enter in the Speech pattern on Saturday except for Extemp, but not the Debate pattern. SpAr will be scored as a speech event with the six debaters ranked 1-6. It will be part of the Speech pattern.

Please bring one judge for every two debate entries, every eight congress entries, and every eight speech entries.

We will provide food for judges on both days.

Students will have the option to purchase concessions in the Student Center, which is also the student lounge.

We will have a food truck on campus on Saturday for lunch that will be available for students and judges.

Please contact us with questions before the tournament at or We're looking forward to seeing your teams there!


Registration and Judge Training 4-4:30 PM

BQ Rd 1 4:30 PM

Congress Rd 1 4:45 PM-6:15 PM

BQ Rd 2 5:45 PM

BQ Rd 3 7:15 PM

Congress Rd 2 7:15- 9:15 PM


Registration 7:30-8 AM

Judge Training 7:45 AM

Debate Rd 1 8:30 AM

Speech Rd 1 9:45 AM

Debate Rd 2 11 AM

Lunch 12:15-1 PM

Speech Rd 2 1 PM

Debate Rd 3 2:15 PM

Speech Rd 3 3:30 PM

Debate Semis 4:45 PM

Speech Semis 6 PM

Finals (if needed) 7:15 PM

Awards 8:45 PM