Central Texas District Tournament

2020 — US

Central Texas District Qualifier

for the 2020 National Tournament
IE, Debate
Saint Mary's Hall
Winston Churchill HS
San Antonio, TX
Fri 2/28 Fri 2/28 HOU SEN




Wednesday, FEBRUARY 12 @ 8:00 p.m.



Central Texas NSDA

 District Tournament 2020





PLEASE NOTE: We will once again being using the NSDA recommended pilot schedule for the district tournament in speech and debate this year. You can find specific information about this new pilot program here.


Additionally, we are a level 3 district this year meaning every event will automatically qualify 3 slots to the National Tournament (with standard benchmarks applying to additional qualifying slots based on entry size). 



DATE:  February 21-22, 2020



Saint Mary's Hall
9401 Starcrest Drive,

San Antonio, TX 78217

(210) 445-2425 (Colin Malinak cell)




Be sure to read the most current version of the NSDA District Tournament Manual.  Some of the rules and procedures have changed, and you do not want your students disqualified because you (and they) didn’t know the rules.  NSDA Public Forum rules are different from TFA rules.  Please make sure you are abiding by NSDA rules.  


Public Forum & Lincoln Douglas Debate will debate the February topics at the District Tournament.


We CANNOT hold the tournament if students are late, or if paperwork is incomplete.  Please make sure all paperwork is complete and turned in on time, as the tournament MUST proceed on schedule.


We are allowing double entries at the tournament and because the NSDA rules require that the speaking order be unchanged, students will need to make it to their rounds on time. Students may not enter both divisions of extemporaneous speaking, nor may they enter both LD and PF debate.





INTERP REQUIREMENTS (Humorous, Dramatic, Duo, POI):
Please be sure to enter the title, author and ISBN number of your interpretation selections when you register.  This information is needed because NSDA rules require this information to be validated and certified and to avoid (as much as possible) sectioning the same selections in rounds.  You will need to bring the original scripts to the tournament as well as email a photocopy of each page from the original script used in your cutting with each line of the cutting highlighted.  These need to be turned in digitally by e-mail to cmalinak@smhall.org
All paperwork must be turned in by Wednesday, February 12.


Titles for oratories and informative speeches need to be entered into the Joy of Tournaments site.  
Please turn in the original speech with all quoted words underlined in red digitally by email to cmalinak@smhall.org. This can be either a .doc or .pdf file. An oratory or informative certification form can be downloaded from this website.  A works cited page is also required.  All paperwork must be turned in digitally by email by Wednesday, February 12.




Please bring as many students as you are eligible to bring!!   FILL ALL YOUR SLOTS!    Many of us do not bring our full contingent to the District and Congress Tournaments.   Remember, the District Tournament can only qualify a few students for Nationals, BUT it can provide excellent competitive experiences for ALL of our students.  Additionally, the number of students we enter at these two competitions definitely can help or hinder the health of the Central Texas NSDA District as a whole.





If your student is interested in competing as part of the World Schools Debate Team, it must be indicated on the single letter of intent form that they are committed to competing if invited.  The student may check the box for World Schools, in order of their preference. IF the student will be competing in two events at the District Tournament AND in Congressional Debate, that student may check two boxes on the 3rd choice line: their third choice and World Schools, if they are committing to attend (if chosen) as a part of the Central Texas World Schools Team(s).


Invitations will be based on alternate position at the district tournaments, grade level and NSDA points, so first altenate seniors in order of NSDA points would be the first round of invites followed by 1st alternate juniors in order of NSDA points.