Central Texas District Tournament

2020 — US

Central Texas District Qualifier

for the 2020 National Tournament
IE, Debate
Saint Mary's Hall
San Antonio, TX
Winston Churchill HS
San Antonio, TX
Fri 2/28 Fri 2/28 HOU SEN

Worlds School Debate Selection / Application

We have opted to change the selection process for the Central Texas World Schools Debate Team(s). Rather than utilizing Option A as outlined in the Unified Manual, we will be using Option B (text below). Students will still need to list World Schools on their Single Entry Letter of Intent to be considered.

If you are interested in being selected for a Central Texas World School Debate Team, please fill out this application by clicking on the link below. Application Deadline is March 17 @ 11:59 PM

World Schools Application

Coaches are invited to submit a recommendation letter no behalf of one student (directly to cmalinak@smhall.org). 


"Option B – Any district participant would be given the opportunity to apply for consideration. The district would select a committee to examine the applications and make decisions to field the team. The selection committee may consist of current coaches, retired coaches, community members, administrators, and more. Selection committee members should recuse themselves from scoring their own student applicants. In addition to the above criteria suggested in option A, the selection committee might also consider additional criteria, but are not bound to them:

• Give preference to applicants who are from schools that did not qualify to the National Tournament.
• Give preference to applicants from schools with fewer than three entries.
• Give preference to new schools to the district.
• Give preference to schools with new coaches in the district.

Note: If your state association prevents hybrid teams, a district may select entries all from one school to enable a participating team to attend Nationals.

Additionally, the application process could consist of a qualifying World Schools Debate tournament to determine which teams will attend Nationals. All participants must compete or have competed in another event at their district tournament.

Students do not have to be a non-qualifying entry from districts to be selected to compete for the district World Schools Debate team. Students who attend the district tournament and qualify in a main event for the National Tournament may forgo their qualification and participate in the USA World Schools Debate Invitational, if they are selected for the team."