Gate City Invitational

2019 — Highland High School, Pocatello, ID/US

Welcome to the 2019 Gate City Invitational tournament! The tournament will be held on November 8-9th. This year, we will be offering Novice and Varsity divisions in LD, PF, and CX debates. We will be offering an open division in both Congressional Debate and World Schools Debate. All speech events will be offered in an open division. As per tradition and as a way to encourage novice to compete in open speech, the top novice competitor in every speech event will be recognized as the "Top Novice." In Novice Policy Debate, we will be using the novice case area. Counterplans and Kritiks are not allowed in Novice CX.

The following speech events will be offered:

HI, DI, Duo, Sales, Extemp, Impromptu, Duo Radio, Retold, OO, Info, OA (Panel and POI will not be offered unless a significant number of coaches email me with multiple entries in those events)


We will offer 3 preliminary rounds of speech, with a speech final. 

We will offer 4 preliminary rounds of debate, breaking to OPEN quarterfinals for PF and LD (possibly Semis for policy if numbers are low), breaking to SEMIs for WSD (possibly QF), and breaking to Super Congress for Congress.


We look forward to seeing y'all in November!