OSSAA East 6A 5A Regional Tournament

2019 — Bixby, OK/US

Place                                Bixby High School

Tournament Director      Jennifer Denslow


                                          Cell:  918-921-4782

   Classroom: 918-443-6231

   Home: 918-275-4052



ENTER ONLINE AT www.ossaaspeech.com  AND at http://eastokregionals.tabroom.com


Entering at www.ossaaspeech.com :

The process is tricky as you will have to build a roster of judges at one button/tab and actually fill out a form to register for regionals on another.  You should get detailed instructions from the OSSAA on this, and I encourage you to pay close attention to them. (You will need names, cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and availability on both days for each judge.)

Entering at http://eastokregionals.tabroom.com

Enter each person or team in the appropriate event.

Please complete this process for each judge:

  1. When you click “judges” on your entry, you will notice a list of judge categories on the right-hand side.  Chose the most appropriate category for that judge and click on it.  If they are a debate judge, place them in the appropriate debate category.  If they are not a debate judge, place them in the most appropriate speech category.
  2. Add your judge using the drop-down menu on the right.  Add a new judge to your roster if needed.
  3. Once you have added a judge and you see their name in that judge category, then click on “All rounds” under availability.  On this menu you can indicate what times that judge is available.  Click on any round in which that judge will not be available.
  4. Go back to the judge category where the judge was entered and click the judge’s name.  On this menu you can indicate what events that judge is capable of judging.  Click all pools that apply.
  5. If the judge needs to be struck against a particular school or contestant that is not on your team, please indicate that in the judge notes for that judge.

Judges must be available at least 75% of the rounds to be counted.

Please remember to submit yourself as a judge. All coaches are required to be available to judge at Regionals.  Judges are expected to judge one round past a school’s elimination, so all judges will be expected to be available for finals.

The judging requirement will be strictly enforced. The formula for regionals is 1 judge for each 5 entries or portion thereof, 1 CX judge per CX team, 1 judge per 2 LDers, and 1 judge per 2 PF teams.

If you fulfill only the minimum judging requirements, you will judge every round.  Please bring extra judges and note on the sheets that they are being sent to give you a round off. 


Bixby will have a concession stand available for students.

The judges’ lounge will also be arranged by Bixby.  Please pay $5 per judge per day. DO NOT SEND THIS IN WITH YOUR ENTRY FEES! Checks for hospitality should be made out to “Bixby High School”. It would be great to pay ahead of time, but you may pay at registration and cash is fine.


Registration will begin at 1:30 on Friday, March 8.  Registration on Saturday, March 9 will be at 8:00. Rounds will begin at 8:30. Updates, a tentative schedule, and information about parking on that Friday will be forthcoming.

Tab Room

The tab room will be closed to those not involved in tabulation. 


Ballots will be available to coaches as they come in.  Preliminary results will be shown to coaches before finals are posted. The finals tabulation will be available for 30 minutes after awards so coaches may check results. Mistakes cannot be corrected after 9:00 a.m. of the Monday following the tournament.

Drop Fees

Please make drops as soon as you are aware of changes. Changes after 5:00 p.m. on the Monday of regionals week will be charged drop fees. Please consult the OSSAA manual for the fees, which get larger the later the drops are made.


  1. Judges should plan to be the official timekeeper(s).  Please do not ask contestants or audience members to do so. (Judges in extemp: if you are keeping time, please make sure the students understand how you are keeping time and make sure you give clear signals).
  2. Please be sure to bring your prepared copies of scripts and oratories (highlighted with original introductions, transitions, and conclusions typed). The script must be available if any protest if filed.
  3. Please make sure your judges are familiar with the most current rules.

 All questions and protests should be directed to the tournament director.