OSAA District 9

2019 — Hood River, OR/US

District 9 Tournament Information April 6, 2019


Host: Hood River Valley High School

1220 Indian Creek Rd, Hood River, OR 97031

Director: DeLona Campos-Davis, camposdavis@gmail.com, 541-380-0270


Fees: none -- it’s districts! In District 9, we have traditionally taken turns hosting, with the host school covering tournament costs - as the others have to travel a good distance.


Judges: Teams are expected to bring a coach who can either judge or tab. The Hood River community will provide the rest of the judges. Judges will be provided with coffee/tea, snacks, lunch, and a lounge separate from students. (If you have a special situation, just let me know. We don’t want there to be barriers to competing at Districts) I will do my best to show all of the coaches how to run things on Tabroom. We will do paper ballots, not online due to the number of community judges. State is likely to use online ballots.



08:00 AM Registration; students arrive/prepare/claim dibs on a “good spot”

08:40 AM Coach and judge meeting in Judge’s Lounge

9:00 AM           Pattern A; Round 1

10:00 AM          Pattern B; Round 1

11:00 AM Pattern A; Round 2

12:00 PM LUNCH (PM Judge meeting)

12:30 AM Pattern B; Round 2

1:30 PM Pattern A; Round 3

2:30 PM Pattern B; Round 3

3:30 PM IE Finals; debate semis

4:30 pm Debate Finals (if necessary; if not, awards start ASAP)

5:45 pm Awards (in Commons; will start earlier if possible)


Note about Patterns - If there are few debaters, I may mix patterns differently in order to maximize judges each round - I will let you know before the day of, the sooner I have registration in, the sooner we can decide. Also, depending on the number of Extemp entries, we may start Extemp prep 15 minutes before each round.



Pattern A:  All Individual Events

Pattern B:  All Debate Events


Sweepstakes points (as per the OSAA handbook):

Debate: 1st -- 15 2nd -- 10 Semifinalist -- 7

IE’s: 1st -- 10 2nd -- 8 Finalist -- 4



Awards will be presented to each state qualifier. Other finalists will receive certificates. The school with the highest sweepstakes total points will receive a trophy.


There is no food close by. We will have a concession stand open for students to purchase snacks and lunches. I will have better info about this closer to the date. Stay tuned!