OSAA District 6

2019 — Coos Bay, OR/US


Dear Coaches,


On Saturday, March 23, we will have our District #6 tournament, which includes Marshfield, North Bend, Coquille, and Bandon, at Marshfield High School.  The tournament will start at 8:00 am. Please read through this letter thoroughly.


There will be food provided for judges and coaches; however, we will not have food options for students. Local pizza places will deliver. The students will be in the student lounge which is a much tighter space.


Please have your registration completed on Tabroom by Monday, March 18th. Each school will be charged a $50 participation fee instead of individual student cost. This goes towards medals and some food for judges.


Please register judges in tabroom. We will need judges from 7:45 am- 8 pm (at the latest). Please be sure to record what times your judges will be present. It is extremely important for all schools to bring judges to add diversity to the judging pool. While we do not charge judging fees, we must have neutral judges available! Last year, we struggled to have enough judges due to schools not bringing judges.


Please call if you have questions.  My phone # at school is 541-269-6676.  My cell phone is 541-217-1116.


The schedule is attached. Please be aware that we will push times ahead when we are able to in order to end early. Students should not leave campus. We may also reduce the number of rounds depending on the number of entries for both judges and students.


The rules for entries are as follows:




Each school - maximum of 29 entries, including LD entries.  (Dual teams are one entry). Coaches can enter 3 students/teams in each area.


Students can enter, at the maximum, 2 individual events and one debate.


No contestant can appear at the State Tournament without competing first at the district tournament, unless the contestant is a substitute speaker in CX Debate, Public Forum Debate, Public Debate or Dual Interpretation.


Numbers to State:

In IEs:

2-11 speakers = 2 to State.  

12- 17 = 3 to State.  

**Last year, we were able to reach 12 competitors in Radio and Prose, so we were able to send 3 students to state.

In Debate:

Cross-Examination Debate

1-2 teams=1 to State

       3-4 teams=2 to State

      5-6 teams=3 to State

       7-8 teams=4 to State

Parli Debate and Public Forum Debate (April Topic)

1 team=1 to State

2-8 teams=2 to State

9-16 teams=3 to State

Lincoln-Douglas Debate  (March-April Topic)

1-5 teams=1 to State

6-10 teams=2 to State

11-15 teams=3 to State


Alternatives may go to State if the Coach calls to tell me a student cannot go and then we can substitute the alternate.  (It is important as soon as you know this is the case, to call me so we can get in contact with the alternate’s coach and let them know.)


Proven Excellence Alternative State Qualifiers


6.13.1. Rationale: In addition to District Winners, a limited number of students may be eligible to participate at the Speech State Championships each year under the “Proven Excellence Alternative Qualifying System.” The system was developed to guarantee participation at the Speech State Championships by the state’s very best speakers while maintaining a limit on the number of State participants.


(a) Should a student who has satisfied the proven excellence criteria for an event or events fail to qualify for State at the district speech tournament in that event or events, the district director shall add that entry as a proven excellence alternative qualifier to the district’s results form submitted to the OSAA following the district tournament up to a maximum of two entries per school. The addition of a proven excellence qualifier or qualifiers shall have no effect on the quantity of district winner State qualifiers allocated to the district.


(b) An entry for a school in a team event shall count as one entry for the purpose of applying the two entry per school limitation. (c) Should a school have more than two proven excellence qualifiers for the Speech State Championships in a given year, the coach of the students shall inform the district director which of the students shall be designated as the two qualifiers for the school. At the discretion of the coach, it is possible that both proven excellence qualifier positions for a school could be designated to the same student. (d) Should a student who has satisfied the proven excellence criteria for an event or events also qualify in that event or events at the district speech tournament, they may yield their district qualifying spot to the district alternate and still compete at the Speech State Championships by accessing their proven excellence alternative qualification (should their coach designate that student as one of the two proven excellence qualifiers for that school as outlined in provision (c)).


All scripts must be submitted below by 3/18/2019.


After Dinner Speaking


Duo Interpretation





Humorous Interpretation


Dramatic Interpretation




Poetry Reading


Prose Reading


Radio Commentary






Kayla Crook

Marshfield High School

District 6 Director



Marshfield High School

SATURDAY, March 23, 2019


7:30 Registration   Main Office


7:45 Judges Meeting


8:00-9:30   All Individual Events- Round 1


9:30-11:00   Debate Round 1


11:00-12:30   All Individual Events- Round 2


12:30-2:00 Debate Round 2


2:00-3:30   Individual Event- Round 3


3:30-5:00   Debate Round 3


5:00-6:30   Individual Event Finals (If needed)


6:30-8:00 Debate Round 4



8:15 Awards (if not done earlier)