Friends of Forensics at Illinois Valley High School

2019 — Cave Junction, Oregon, OR/US

Thank you so much for registering for Friends of Forensics 2nd Annual Tournament. 

Please e-mail Head Coach Matthew A. Eldridge, or call/text 541-941-6834.

This tournament will be done using ELECTRONIC BALLOTS. Please bring devices but we will have some computers available as well. 

This year, we are hosting at our MIDDLE SCHOOL, please don't mistakenly come or drop off students at the High School. 

We will be offering food to the students for purchase. Stay-tuned for info about food. 

JUDGES: We need them. We will supply judges from the community and our team, but, we need YOUR JUDGES AS WELL if we are to run on-time and provide diverse feedback. 

We will show-case a Paril Debate round between the Ashland Coaches and IVHS Head Coach and Jan Pizzo. We are looking forward to this and the tournament it self.