Panther IE

2019 — Derby, KS, KS/US

Please note this is the first Saturday of spring break for some schools, so please make sure your students are aware before you register. Also note that school total entries in excess of 18 will be asked to bring a judge for each additional six entries. You may bring as many entries as you like and students may enter in as many events as they like. However, we will adhere to a strict 1 hour and 25 minute timeframe for each round. 

This tournament is a bid tournament for the NIETOC. Please review the information on the NIETOC events. The information on this page on the right will tell you about the national requirements for each event. Please note we DO NOT need copies of scripts or speeches at registration. This tournament will not function any differently than a normal tournament. We will follow KSHSAA rules in all events. You can learn more about the NIETOC national tournament at We will offer the following events for NIETOC bids:

*Dramatic Interpretation (No chair)

*Humorous Interpretation (No chair)

*DUO Interpretation (No chairs or table)

*DUET Acting (2 chairs/1 table)

*Program of Oral Interpretation (POI)

*Informative 10 Minute

*Original Oration

We will not offer the 7-minute version of informative. You can view the new state rules on POI and INFO-10 by selecting that file on the right side on this page.