Carolina West District Tournament

2019 —

Carolina West District Qualifier

for the 2019 National Tournament
Ardrey Kell HS
Charlotte, NC
Sat 2/23 Sat 2/23 HOU SEN
IE, Debate
Providence High School
Charlotte, NC

Members of the Carolina West District,

We want to welcome all of you to the 2019 Carolina West District Tournament series. Our goal is to send our very best students to NSDA Nationals in Dallas this June.  The Carolina West District Qualifier Series will be held on two consecutive weekends, one for Congress and one for all other events.

We will be running our Congress district tournament this year at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte on February 23rd. This will run concurrently with the Ardrey Kell regular season tournament for all other events.  The Carolina West District Committee is allowing students to double enter in both the NSDA Congress district championship and the regular season Ardrey Kell tournament.  You'll register your Congress entries on this site.  If you will also be entering the Ardrey Kell tournament in other events, please register for that tournament at this link.  For the Congress tournament, we will be using the PILOT VERSION of the NSDA Unified manual, posted to the right in the "Info" section. This manual will NOT apply to other tournament series events. 

Our tournament for all other events besides Congress will be held the following weekend, March 1-2, at Providence High School in Charlotte.   Registration for that tournament will also be at this site. For all non-congress events, we will be using the standard version of the NSDA Unified Manual (not the pilot version), posted to the right in the "Info" section.  


We will be using the pilot Internet rules, also posted to the right in the "Info" section.


PLEASE NOTE:  For liability reasons, each school must have a faculty member present and fully available for the duration of the tournament, including registration.  In lieu of a faculty member, the principal may designate an approved adult that will be present for the entire tournament and accept full responsibility for the team.  This must be submitted ahead of the tournament in writing on school letterhead by the principal or headmaster. This applies to BOTH tournaments in the series.  Additionally, we cannot accept independent entries and, per NSDA rules, ONLY the faculty coach of record can register the team online and fill out the hard copy paperwork.  Please adhere to this very important rule.

Please be sure to read the information on this website to ensure your registration is conducted properly.  We look forward to seeing all of you at both tournaments in this NSDA National Qualifier series!


Most sincerely,


Your Carolina West District Committee:

Keith Pittman (Asheville), District Chair

Scott Bennett (NW Guilford), Member

Chris Harrow (Ardrey Kell), Member

Patrick Moss (Chase & East Rutherford), Member 

Jonathan Peele (Charlotte Latin), Member