Choctaw Sting Invite

2019 — Choctaw, OK/US





You are cordially invited to attend the 13thannual “STING Invitational” Speech, Drama, and Debate tournament to be held at Choctaw High School on January 18-19th , 2019! We will be hosting all OSSAA sanctioned events in 5A and 6A categories, as well as a Novice Debate divisions. Please make note the following information: 


Tabroom:We will be using tabroom.comin an effort to run a more efficient tournament.  


Entries:Entries are due no later than Monday, January 14 at 4:00pm. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE MADE VIA TABROOM.COM. Fees will follow OSSAA guidelines and novice fees will be the same as for qualifying. 





Drops:Please e-mail drops as soon as you know about them to Billy Elles.   Fees will follow OSSAA guidelines.


Registration/Schedule:Registration will begin at 2:30pm on Friday in the Performing Arts Center Lobby and at 7:15am on Saturday in PAC Lobby. Please note the PAC guidelines at bottom of invite and please go over with your students and judges prior to arrival.School dismisses at 2:47pm on Friday and the parking lot is usually very busy, so we suggest that you try to be here before then or wait until about 15 minutes after to arrive.IF ARRIVING BEFORE 2:00 PM ON FRIDAY PLEASE CONTACT Maryjane Burton 405-249-1462.   Please have all students gather in the PERFORMING ARTS CENTER Auditorium on Friday until the first round begins then they will need to move to the Cafeteria Commons area in the main building.


The following is the schedule that will be used for Friday evening:

2:30pm - 3:15pm                                  Registration

3:30pm                                                      Round 1

5:30pm                                                      Round 2

7:30pm                                                      Round 3


For Saturday, rounds will begin @ 8:00am and a full schedule will be emailed to you in the evening Wednesday.


Judges:All judges and qualifications are due Wednesday, January 16th by 4:00 p.m.  A school must provide coaches as well as people who meet the qualifications for judging to serve as a judge for the following:

One (1) IE Judge per twelve (12) individual event entries

One (1) LD Judge per four (4) LD debate team entries

One (1) PFD Judge per four (4) PFD team entries

One (1) CX Judge per two (2) CX debate entries


Failure to provide judges will result in an additional flat fee (see OSSAA book for fees).  

Failure for schools to provide judges will result in a limit to entries on events.  We will cut entries on Wed. at 4:00 p.m. if you do not have enough judges as we do not have enough people to hire.In an effort to provide a positive experience for judges, there will be a masseuse available in the judges’ lounge on Saturday, as well as a variety of food and beverages options. High School drama and debate students may judge novice provided they meet the NSDA criteria for judging novice or provided they meet your criteria of being a capable & reliable judge.  Failure to provide judges will result in an additional flat fee (see OSSAA book for fees).  


Parking:On Friday, please park on the on the south side of the Lyle Boren Activity Center and have all buses drop students off in front of the Performing Arts Center (PAC). On Saturday, buses may park in the same location all day. 


Food:There will be a concession stand provided for students on Friday and Saturday in the cafeteria. There will also be food provided for coaches and judges in the PAC LOBBY both days. 


Campus Rules:1. Absolutely NO TOBACCO PRODUCTS, SMOKING, or VAPING in the building or anywhere on the Choctaw High School campus!  Doing so will result in a disqualification of the entire team.  2. No food or drinks in the classrooms. *Note: Because we understand that judges are sometimes forced to eat during a round out of necessity, we will allow them to eat it classrooms provided they a.) don’t allow your food to upstage the competitor’s performance b.) make sure you take your food and drink trash with you when you leave the classroom.  3. STUDENTS SHOULD NOT ENTER A CLASSROOM UNTIL A JUDGE ARRIVES.  4. No students or judges are to sit at Teacher Desks/Chairs in classrooms.  5.  Do not unplug any cord that is plugged into an electrical outlet in the classroom for any reason.  6.  Students are not allowed in any room or building not being used for the tournament—this includes all gyms. PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR STUDENTS TO HELP US KEEP THE CAMPUS AND FACILITIES CLEAN.



1.  ABSOLUTELY No Food, Drink, Candy or Gum in house/auditorium area. 2.  Keep feet on the floor and do not climb over seats.   3. Do not jump onto the stage and use stairs only to access the stage.  4.  Respect our facility and keep it clean.


Location:Choctaw High School is located on the southeast corner of NE 10thStreet and Henney Road in Choctaw, Oklahoma. Our address is 14300 NE 10thSt, Choctaw, OK  73020. Most GPS systems and websites will direct you to take I-40 and exit on Choctaw Road, however, if you are coming from I-35 southbound, it is generally easier to take 23rdStreet east to Henney Road.


Thank you for all of your assistance in making this tournament a success. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email or text.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Tournament Director:                                                                           Judges Lounge/Concessions Coordinator:

Billy Elles w/Westmoore                                                                     Maryjane Burton –CHS Competitive Drama

Cell - (405) 888-7648                                                                              Cell - (405)-249-1462;Drama Room - 390-6143