Fall San Diego Middle School and Novice Invitational

2018 — San Diego, CA/US

We have cut entry fees in half to encourage more entries - fees are now $10 per debater ($20 for a team). Hired judging fees remain the same at $10 per round. 


Dear all,

The San Diego Middle School League invites your team to attend the San Diego Middle School and Novice Invitational, which will take place on Saturday, November 10, 2018 at Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, CA.


Not only is this tournament an opportunity for middle schoolers and novice debaters to gain more competitive experience, it also offers varsity debaters an opportunity to judge. If anyone who is either a varsity debater or an adult (18+) is interested in judging, they may sign up using the judge signup tab located above or with their respective school.


Things of note for this year:

-For speech events, Speech times are reduced to 8 minutes with a 2 minute grace period due to coach request.

-No mavericks (except under special circumstances)

-Hybrid entries (where teammates are from different schools) are permitted in Parli and PF

-Judging obligations will be 1 round judged per entry registered

-There will only be 4 rounds, in which 3-1's and 4-0's are awarded.

-If a student demonstrates financial inability to pay, we will reduce or waive the cost of the tournament.


All registration information and required signature forms are in the invitation as well. Forms can also be located on the sidebar of this Tabroom site. 

Our Tabroom site can be more easily reached at: www.sdmsl.tabroom.com.

Our website is located at: www.sdmsleague.weebly.com

If you have any questions, please contact us at sdmsleague@gmail.com and the tournament directors (emails are listed under Contacts on the sidebar of the home page). 



San Diego Middle School Debate League


Note: The league is run by a few high school upperclassmen from around San Diego. An adult coach will be at the tournament site at all times to keep things going smoothly.