Sage Hill Lightning Worlds Invitational

2018 — Newport Coast, CA/US

You’re invited to the Sage Hill Debate World Schools Tournament  October 19-20 2018 in Newport Coast CA


Why attend the Sage Hill Lightning Invitational?

·      Quality World Schools debate-only tournament.

·      Each team is guaranteed to debate 7 rounds.

·      Teams not breaking will continue debating in the development bracket.

·      Neutral, skilled judge pool.

·      WSD development opportunities abound: for debaters, judges, coaches.

·      High calibre Tournament Team 

·      Participation and training supports the building of Worlds California infrastructure and momentum


Tournament Team:

Chief Adjudicators: Veenu Goswami and Swish Goswami (see bios)

Judges:                      Hired experienced judges


We hope to see you.



Topics for this tournament:


Impromptu 1 

Prepared 2 - Resolved: This House regrets the rise of automation.

Impromptu 3 - 

Prepared 4  - Resolved: This House would tax religious organizations.

Impromptu 5 -

Prepared 6 - Resolved: This House regrets the rise of government influence on the internet.

Impromptu 7 -


Prepared FINAL - Resolved: This House would stop the funding of militant groups in Syria.