Sage Hill Lightning Worlds Invitational

2018 — Newport Coast, CA/US

World Schools Debate

Abbreviation World
Format World Schools Debate
Entry Fee $100.00 (Plus $25/student)
Overall Entry Limit 20
Entry Limit Per School 4
Entry Teams of between 3 and 5 competitors

Event Description:

Rules:                  Following NSDA World Schools Rules

                                No use of technology at all in round, nor during impromptu prep.

                                Teams may only use a dictionary and one almanac for 60 min impromptu prep.

                                Team only prep means: Teams may not collaborate with any other teams                                          (including fellow members of teams from own school), or any adult during prep.

                                Debaters may self-time in round. If using phone, it must be in airplane mode.


Awards:              Top 3 teams and top 3 speakers

                                Teams determined by total wins / losses, ties broken by team speaker points

                                Speakers determined by top speaker points


Teams Entries:

·         All of the 3-5 debaters must currently be attending high school full time.

·         Teams are not limited to a single school.

·         Each team MUST have one registered and accountable adult onsite at all times that debaters are present on campus.