Ashland Grizzly Invitational

2018 — Ashland, OR/US

Grizzly Invitational

Friday-Saturday, December 14-15, 2018


State of Jefferson Parli Round Robin

Sunday, December 16, 2018

at Ashland High School



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Dear Coaches and Students,

Ashland High School cordially invites you to compete at the 6th Annual Grizzly Invitational on December 14-15th at Ashland High School. We will host our 3rd Annual Parliamentary Debate “4x4” Round Robin on Sunday, December 16th.

The Grizzly Invitational will feature both novice and varsity (open) divisions in all NSDA and Oregon debate forms and individual speech events.  Novice in Oregon means a student who is completely new to Speech and Debate this year. If they competed at any tournaments last year, students should be entered in the varsity division (at their coach’s discretion). Novice eligible students who want to “play up” to varsity in one of their events do not need to register for varsity in all of their events.

Each division of debate will be guaranteed a minimum of four preliminary debate rounds, with additional elimination rounds for teams that perform exceptionally well. Speech events will have two preliminary rounds with finals.

Debate Topics and Information

Public Forum Debate will use the November/December NSDA topic and competitors will flip for sides and/or speaking order each round as per OSAA and NSDA rules:

Resolved: The United States federal government should impose price controls on the

pharmaceutical industry.


Lincoln Douglas Debate follows all NSDA rules and will use the November/December NSDA topic:


Resolved: In a democracy, the public’s right to know ought to be valued above the right to

privacy of candidates for public office.

Oregon Style Cross Examination (Policy) Debate follows all NSDA rules and will use the 2018-19 NSDA topic:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on

legal immigration to the United States.

OSAA topic areas will be used for the novice Policy division:

Parliamentary Debate (Parli) will follow all OSAA rules on Friday-Saturday. Each round features three topics with the government (aff) striking one and the opposition (neg) then choosing which will be debated, followed by 15 minutes of closed preparation time. Only a dictionary is allowed during prep and you may only prep with your partner.

Big Questions Debate will follow all NSDA rules and will use the 2018-2019 topic:

Resolved: Humans are primarily driven by self-interest.

Note: Big Questions debate will be held during individual events pattern A Saturday, meaning students are unable to enter in any other Pattern A IEs if they are entered in Big Questions. However, competitors can enter both Big Questions debate and other debate forms offered. We will follow all NSDA rules for Big Questions, such as allowing one or two-person teams, which can be found here along with sample cases and other resources:

Spontaneous Argumentation (SPAR) will follow these rules (thanks to Phoenix High School for trying it at their tournament and letting us steal their rules explanation!): SPAR is a 1 vs 1 debate of 13 minutes. The Proposition speaker will receive two resolutions, one serious (ex. Charter schools are good for education in America) and one not serious (ex. Ramen noodles are superior to pizza). The Prop speakers select the resolution and set the tone for the round. Here is the format:

  • Prop prep 1 minute

  • Prop Case 2 minutes

  • Opp Prep 1 minute

  • Opp Case 2 minutes

  • Prop/Opp Crossfire 3 minutes

  • Prop Rebuttal 2 minutes

  • Opp Rebuttal 2 minutes

Note: SPAR will be held during individual events pattern B Saturday, meaning students are unable to enter in any other Pattern B IEs if they are entered in SPAR. However, competitors can enter both SPAR and other debate forms offered.

Congressional Debate will run on Friday evening only, will follow all OSAA/NSDA rules (and prefer OSAA if in conflict), and will feature the December NSDA packet: Teams may submit additional bills by Saturday, December 1st at 6 pm to our Congress Director at <>. We will publish all submitted bills at least one week before the tournament.

Individual Events Rules and Information

Each individual speech event will be run in the OSAA state tournament style, with two prelim rounds, two judges in open rounds (if possible), and semifinals for any event with more than 20 entries. All events with at least 8 entries will have a final round with three judges.

Students can enter up to two IEs per pattern (except Extemp, Big Questions, and SPAR, which are single entry only in their respective patterns).

Pattern A - (most likely to need semi-finals)

Original Oratory                  Humorous Interpretation                Prose

Impromptu                          Radio Commentary Big Questions Debate

Pattern B -

Dramatic Interpretation                   Duo Interpretation Extemporaneous

Program Oral Interp            Informative                            After Dinner Speaking

Poetry SPAR

We will follow OSAA guidelines for all events with the following exceptions:

1. In Debate events, judges may, after submitting their ballot, give feedback to debaters with their consent. The “oral critiques” are optional, should not last longer than 15 minutes and may also disclose results.

2. Internet use will be allowed in Extemp prep (and the Parliamentary Round Robin on Sunday, see below for details.) The NSDA is exploring allowing internet use for Extemp, Congress, and Debate events at Districts and Nationals. We want to test out this exciting possibility in Extemp.

3. We may choose to announce in advance an area of focus for some of our Parli topics.

Fees, Judging, and Other Information

Tournament Fees

We do our best to offer reasonable entry fees. Last year we reduced fees to make our event more accessible. Please contact us if the fees are prohibitive, as we want to promote inclusion in the activity. We would rather have your students compete than your money.

School Fee: $40 IE and SPAR Entry: $10 (was $15)                        

LD Entry: $20 Team Debate Entry: $20 (was $30)

Student Congress: $5 Big Questions: Free thanks to a grant from NSDA


Judge Coverage

Schools should provide at least one judge for every two debate teams/entries (BQ, CX, LD, PF, Parli),  one judge for every five IE entries (including SPAR) and one judge for every ten Congress entries. We will recruit quality judges from SOU and the community, but we need your help to provide our students with the best feedback possible. If we are short on judges, AHS senior team members may join Novice round judging panels. We are open to cutting breaks on entry fees for teams that bring judges over their commitment. If you are interested in this option, please contact us at

We will again be using online ballots for debate events. Coaches, please remind your judges to make a account and bring a smart device. We will have computer labs open for judges without access to devices.

We would rather have your judges than your money. Uncovered judge fees:

50 dollars per judge you are missing 

Specific Fees and Judging Info for the Sunday Parli Round Robin

Entry: Free

Uncovered judge fee: 50 dollars per team (we really need judges Sunday)


       There are numerous local hotels, as Ashland is a tourist town. If you are having an issue finding lodging please contact us and we can help with options. Please be sure to ask your hotel for school group off-season rates. Hotels that teams have stayed at for our tournament in the past include the Stratford Inn (two blocks from AHS).


Casual attire is permitted for students on Sunday for the round robin, although formal attire is equally welcome. 


We will provide snacks to judges each day and pizza dinner for sale to competitors Friday night. We will provide lunch Sunday during the round robin. Snacks and drinks will be on sale for students on Saturday.

Tabroom Team:

We have a great team to make this event the best possible for you.

Rob Moeny- Tab Director

Kayla Crook - Speech Tab chair

Nicole Rowan- Judges

Caroline Campbell- Congress

Eliza Haas and Mat Marr- tournament hosts

Nic VanDerZwan and Sarah Aaronson- Student Directors

Also, remember we will be using all online ballots for all events. Please encourage your judges to sign up for and bring a smart device. (We can also set judges up on site and have computers available)

If you are a coach interested in learning more about running tournaments on please contact Mat and we would be happy to have you join our team.


We will power match debate when possible. We will follow OSAA tiebreak rules--in Debate, the first tiebreaker will be strength of opposition (total opponents wins), speaker points will be the second tiebreaker.

Speech events will use a clean slate finals with judges preference as the first tiebreaker.

With questions or problems registering please email either Sarah Aaronson at, Mat Marr at, or Eliza Haas at

Dates & Deadlines

Times in PST
Tournament 12/14 to 12/16
Reg Opens 10/22 7:00A
Reg Close 12/12 8:00P
Fees Frozen 12/11 5:00P
Judging Due 12/13 10:55P
Drop online 12/14 12:00P
Penalty fines 12/11 5:00P