NSDA Springboard Scrimmage 7

2023 — NSDA Campus, IA/US
Field in Rising Stars Prose Async
12 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Skiatook OK/US Annette Gray Annette Gray
Skiatook OK/US Aryn Irving Aryn Irving
Hudson Arts and Science Charter NJ/US Chloe Rivera Chloe Rivera
Caney Creek TX/US Cinthia Diaz Camarena Cinthia Diaz Camarena
Jenks OK/US Danika West Danika West
Jenks OK/US Hallie Henderson Hallie Henderson
San Lorenzo Valley CA/US Hudson McKinney Hudson McKinney
Jenks OK/US Jackson Remy Jackson Remy
Jenks OK/US Kristen Meilahn Kristen Meilahn
Jenks OK/US Mawi Nu Mawi Nu
Jenks OK/US Tyse Cole Tyse Cole
Hudson Arts and Science Charter NJ/US Valentina Herrera Valentina Herrera