NSDA Springboard Scrimmage 7

2023 — NSDA Campus, IA/US
Field in Rising Stars Poetry Async
10 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Widefield CO/US Akayla McKim Akayla McKim
Widefield CO/US Dominic Mondragon Dominic Mondragon
Widefield CO/US Ethan Crow Ethan Crow
Widefield CO/US Justin Fritz Justin Fritz
Widefield CO/US Kamile Shupe-Cabbage Kamile Shupe-Cabbage
Hudson Arts and Science Charter NJ/US Kialee Beltran Kialee Beltran
Hudson Arts and Science Charter NJ/US Laney Rivera Laney Rivera
Jenks OK/US Lawrence Wang Lawrence Wang
Widefield CO/US Mia Hoffpauir Mia Hoffpauir
Widefield CO/US Victor McCullough III Victor McCullough III