University of Mississippi HS Speech and Debate Tournament

2023 — University, MS/US
Field in Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate
15 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Record
Madison Central MS/US Simranjit Kaur 1 Simranjit Kaur
Mississippi School For Mathematics and Science MS/US Logan Lechner 15 Logan Lechner
Pascagoula MS/US Addalynn Hasty 4 Addalynn Hasty
Pascagoula MS/US Ciara Hanna 4 Ciara Hanna
Oak Grove MS/US Ian Thompson 5 Ian Thompson
Oak Grove MS/US Kiana Li 5 Kiana Li
Germantown MS/US Andria Feraci 7 Andria Feraci
Germantown MS/US Austin Sanders 7 Austin Sanders
Germantown MS/US Jordan Pitchford 7 Jordan Pitchford
Oxford MS/US Alexander Abadie 8 Alexander Abadie
Murrah MS/US Avery Clayton 9 Avery Clayton
Murrah MS/US Madison Cormack 9 Madison Cormack
Murrah MS/US Nicholas McGlorthan 9 Nicholas McGlorthan
Purvis MS/US Logan Ainsworth Logan Ainsworth
Oxford MS/US Yewon Woo Yewon Woo