University of Mississippi HS Speech and Debate Tournament

2023 — University, MS/US
Field in Congressional Debate
37 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Madison Central MS/US Adrian Kalichka-Paiva 1 Adrian Kalichka-Paiva
Madison Central MS/US Arv Singh 1 Arv Singh
Madison Central MS/US Audrey Houston 1 Audrey Houston
Madison Central MS/US Leah Daniels 1 Leah Daniels
Madison Central MS/US Mia Reed 1 Mia Reed
Madison Central MS/US Noah Clapper 1 Noah Clapper
Madison Central MS/US Rakieya Bracey 1 Rakieya Bracey
Madison Central MS/US Sara Abdrabbo 1 Sara Abdrabbo
Madison Central MS/US Wyatt Biggerstaff 1 Wyatt Biggerstaff
Starkville MS/US Samuel Harvey 10 Samuel Harvey
Purvis MS/US Noah Hannaford 12 Noah Hannaford
Jackson Prep MS/US Garin Ohnmacht 16 Garin Ohnmacht
Jackson Prep MS/US John Atkinson 16 John Atkinson
Jackson Prep MS/US Lindan Garner 16 Lindan Garner
Jackson Prep MS/US Parker Page 16 Parker Page
Jackson Prep MS/US Sophie Slade 16 Sophie Slade
Laurel Christian MS/US Jalyn Boe 2 Jalyn Boe
Pascagoula MS/US Melany Carrasco 4 Melany Carrasco
Pascagoula MS/US Nicholas Madison 4 Nicholas Madison
Pascagoula MS/US Sky Finn 4 Sky Finn
Pascagoula MS/US Victoria Story 4 Victoria Story
Oak Grove MS/US Bill Bao 5 Bill Bao
Oak Grove MS/US Danny Sun 5 Danny Sun
Oak Grove MS/US Kadin Collier 5 Kadin Collier
Oak Grove MS/US Valiyah Mosley 5 Valiyah Mosley
Germantown MS/US Jasmaan Banipal 7 Jasmaan Banipal
Germantown MS/US Reese Alman 7 Reese Alman
Oxford MS/US Ann Bigham 8 Ann Bigham
Oxford MS/US George Monroe 8 George Monroe
Oxford MS/US Kendall Kipping 8 Kendall Kipping
Oxford MS/US Lila Rayner 8 Lila Rayner
Oxford MS/US Macon Harrell 8 Macon Harrell
Oxford MS/US Tommy Nichol 8 Tommy Nichol
Murrah MS/US Harper Golden 9 Harper Golden
Murrah MS/US Hart Jefferson 9 Hart Jefferson
Madison Central MS/US Parks Garrott Parks Garrott
Madison Central MS/US Teshy Jalf Teshy Jalf