The Clear Falls Knight Invitational TFA IQT NIETOC Qualifying T

2023 — League City, TX/US
Field in Program of Oral Interp
10 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Clear Brook TX/US Ayla Yoakum CleBro Ayla Yoakum
Clear Brook TX/US Claire Mayfield CleBro Claire Mayfield
Clear Creek TX/US Clara Moody CleCre Clara Moody
Clear Creek TX/US Kalyn Willis CleCre Kalyn Willis
Clear Creek TX/US Symphanie Williams CleCre Symphanie Williams
Clear Falls TX/US Luke Speller CleFal Luke Speller
Clear Falls TX/US Tori Zerkus CleFal Tori Zerkus
Elkins TX/US Lucy Xu Elkins Lucy Xu
Elkins TX/US Nia Binoy Elkins Nia Binoy
St Agnes TX/US Leo Young StAgn Leo Young