Texas Middle School State Tournament

2023 — Houston, TX/US
Field in Informative Speaking
12 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Bob Lanier TX/US Coral Walia 1 Coral Walia
Bob Lanier TX/US Lena Beddar 1 Lena Beddar
Bob Lanier TX/US Mia Natali 1 Mia Natali
Gutierrez Middle School of Arts and Sciences TX/US Jyavieh Moore 14 Jyavieh Moore
O'Donnell TX/US Chau Nguyen 15 Chau Nguyen
O'Donnell TX/US Marshall Romero 15 Marshall Romero
O'Donnell TX/US Yamil Carrion 15 Yamil Carrion
Village TX/US Kabir Rai 3 Kabir Rai
Village TX/US Mohammed Morkas 3 Mohammed Morkas
Village TX/US Ranvir Seshadri 3 Ranvir Seshadri
Tom Browne TX/US Valeria Andara 7 Valeria Andara
Bob Lanier TX/US Ghazal Mahdzadeh Ghazal Mahdzadeh