Texas Middle School State Tournament

2023 — Houston, TX/US
Field in Extemporaneous Speaking
11 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Bob Lanier TX/US Bode Bosell 1 Bode Bosell
Bob Lanier TX/US Jigyasa Prabhakar 1 Jigyasa Prabhakar
Bob Lanier TX/US Rohan Shah 1 Rohan Shah
Bob Lanier TX/US Rohin Joshi 1 Rohin Joshi
Bob Lanier TX/US Siddharth Reddy 1 Siddharth Reddy
Bob Lanier TX/US Sri Koduri 1 Sri Koduri
Gutierrez Middle School of Arts and Sciences TX/US Addison Ruiz 14 Addison Ruiz
Village TX/US Jessica Luo 3 Jessica Luo
Tuloso-Midway TX/US Eliazar Silva 6 Eliazar Silva
Tuloso-Midway TX/US Joaquin Tierney 6 Joaquin Tierney
Tuloso-Midway TX/US Rolando Arias 6 Rolando Arias