Idaho Gem of the Mountain District Tournament

2023 — ID/US
Field in US Extemp
20 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Skyview ID/US Lincoln Borrowman 110
Skyview ID/US Bridger Benson 112
Skyview ID/US Dylan Case 113
Mountain Home ID/US Cole Stubblefield 122
Centennial ID/US Joe Helsley 143
Mountain Home ID/US Gareth Brantley 148
Boise ID/US Bridget Gibson 164
Bishop Kelly ID/US Elleanor Lynch 172
Bishop Kelly ID/US Max Ciovacco 173
Bishop Kelly ID/US Daniel Harrington 174
Bishop Kelly ID/US Tucker Gratton 175
Renaissance ID/US Colby Bond 223
Timberline ID/US Ryan Wright 255
Renaissance ID/US Cooper Brody 259
Rocky Mountain ID/US Jacob Earle 265
Borah ID/US Brooklyn Hallett 286
Eagle ID/US Marsaela Levanger 292
Eagle ID/US Jacob Cohen 295
Owyhee ID Luxxie Henry-Lang 324
Rocky Mountain ID/US Jamie Tuccinardi Jamie Tuccinardi