Idaho Gem of the Mountain District Tournament

2023 — ID/US
Field in House
60 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Bishop Kelly ID/US Abigail Severance Abigail Severance
Rocky Mountain ID/US Aleigh Holmes Aleigh Holmes
Caldwell ID/US Alissa Weikum Alissa Weikum
Mountain Home ID/US Andrea Morales Andrea Morales
Caldwell ID/US Ann Hunsicker Ann Hunsicker
Vallivue ID/US April Campos April Campos
Renaissance ID/US Arjun Sandil Arjun Sandil
Timberline ID/US Bella Bonacorsi Bella Bonacorsi
Renaissance ID/US Benson Wyke Benson Wyke
Mountain Home ID/US Caleb Strahan Caleb Strahan
Skyview ID/US Cody Thompson Cody Thompson
Mountain Home ID/US Cole Stubblefield Cole Stubblefield
Renaissance ID/US Cooper Brody Cooper Brody
Owyhee ID Daniella Obregon Daniella Obregon
Caldwell ID/US Desiree Conger Desiree Conger
Skyview ID/US Dylan Case Dylan Case
Mountain Home ID/US Ean Gauthier Ean Gauthier
Caldwell ID/US Elexis Bilbrey Elexis Bilbrey
Bishop Kelly ID/US Elleanor Lynch Elleanor Lynch
Wood River ID/US Ellis Rogers Ellis Rogers
Owyhee ID Ethan Deptuck Ethan Deptuck
Renaissance ID/US Evyn Villanueva Evyn Villanueva
Skyview ID/US Haeden Carter Haeden Carter
Columbia ID/US Henry Priebe Henry Priebe
Rocky Mountain ID/US Jacob Earle Jacob Earle
Rocky Mountain ID/US Jacob Hiersekorn Jacob Hiersekorn
Mountain Home ID/US Jillian Davis Jillian Davis
Rocky Mountain ID/US Jocelyn Bjorkman Jocelyn Bjorkman
Nampa ID/US Joel Perdue Joel Perdue
Wood River ID/US Johnathan Blacker Johnathan Blacker
Mountain Home ID/US Kevin Zepeda Kevin Zepeda
Mountain Home ID/US Kit Tomsha-Smith Kit Tomsha-Smith
Mountain View ID/US Liberty Shake Liberty Shake
Vallivue ID/US Lily Woods Lily Woods
Nampa ID/US Lincoln Hendricks Lincoln Hendricks
Columbia ID/US Lindsey Klotthor Lindsey Klotthor
Rocky Mountain ID/US Lisa Radek Lisa Radek
Nampa ID/US Lucy Beverlin Lucy Beverlin
Bishop Kelly ID/US Lucy Glynn Lucy Glynn
Columbia ID/US Lucy Priebe Lucy Priebe
Bishop Kelly ID/US Maggie Avey Maggie Avey
Owyhee ID Marissa Wedge Marissa Wedge
Ridgevue ID/US Mia Williams Mia Williams
Columbia ID/US Molly Tanner Molly Tanner
Renaissance ID/US Nathan Jehorek Nathan Jehorek
Mountain View ID/US Nicole Sabir Nicole Sabir
Renaissance ID/US Olivia Luna Olivia Luna
Bishop Kelly ID/US Regan Glenn Regan Glenn
Ridgevue ID/US Roger Schreffler Roger Schreffler
Bishop Kelly ID/US Ruth Irby Ruth Irby
Wood River ID/US Scout Kendall Scout Kendall
Skyview ID/US Seddi Momenpour Seddi Momenpour
Wood River ID/US Steven Aoyama Robbins Steven Aoyama Robbins
Mountain View ID/US Stormi Baxter Stormi Baxter
Skyview ID/US Tessa Hale Tessa Hale
Bishop Kelly ID/US Tucker Gratton Tucker Gratton
Rocky Mountain ID/US Valerie Patillo Valerie Patillo
Vallivue ID/US Victor Sandoval Victor Sandoval
Skyview ID/US Violet Borrowman Violet Borrowman
Columbia ID/US Will Dominguez Will Dominguez