La Reina Invitational

2022 — NSDA Campus, CA/US
Field in Elementary School Impromptu
24 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Young Genius, Bay Area CA/US Akshara Rachinayani AE Akshara Rachinayani
Academy of Higher Learning CA/US Colin Chung AL Colin Chung
Academy of Higher Learning CA/US Madison Wong AL Madison Wong
Academy of Higher Learning CA/US Olivia Song AL Oliva Song
Perfect Score CA/US Emily Park CB Emily Park
Athens CA/US Achyuth Krishnan CG Achyuth Krishnan
Athens CA/US Adhrutha Subramoniam CG Adhrutha Subramoniam
Athens CA/US Akaash Kendale CG Akaash Kendale
Athens CA/US Ananya Nandiraju CG Ananya Nandiraju
Athens CA/US Anvi Kalluru CG Anvi Kalluru
Athens CA/US Aurie Joseuf CG Aurie Joseuf
Athens CA/US Dhruva Amarnath CG Dhruva Amarnath
Athens CA/US Emi Constandache CG Emi Constandache
Athens CA/US Kabeer Shaikh CG Kabeer Shaikh
Athens CA/US Kate Lowe CG Kate Lowe
Athens CA/US Krish Saxena CG Krish Saxena
Athens CA/US Lucas Von Szokolay CG Lucas Von Szokolay
Athens CA/US Mira Patel CG Mira Patel
Athens CA/US Sarah Zhou CG Sarah Zhou
Athens CA/US Saurav Somu CG Saurav Somu
Athens CA/US Shreya Dileepan CG Shreya Dileepan
Athens CA/US Vikranth Anand CG Vikranth Anand
Athens CA/US Vinayak Shukla CG Vinayak Shukla
Athens CA/US Winston Huang CG Winston Huang