Pine Tree UIL Walk the Plank Fall Speech and Writing Meet

2022 — Longview, TX/US
Field in UIL Lincoln Douglas
19 entries
School Location Entry Code Record
Carthage TX/US Charlie Barber AR Charlie Barber
Carthage TX/US Elizabeth Pinkston AR Elizabeth Pinkston
Centerville TX/US Quannah Dudley AS Quannah Dudley
Henderson TX/US Rebecca McClenan AN Rebecca McClenan
Sabine TX/US Ro Adams Ro Adams
Sabine TX/US Darrin Borden AM Darrin Borden
Sabine TX/US Kristian Ferguson AM Kristian Ferguson
Shelbyville TX/US Kennedy McArthur AK Kennedy McArthur
Sunnyvale TX/US Morgan Delia AE Morgan Delia
Sunnyvale TX/US Rebecca Shaji AE Rebecca Shaji
Sunnyvale TX/US Samuel Thomas AE Samuel Thomas
Sunnyvale TX/US Naqiyah Saiger AE Naqiyah Saiger
Tyler Legacy TX/US Joe Townend AD Joe Townend
Tyler Legacy TX/US Keawe Wilson AD Keawe Wilson
Tyler Legacy TX/US Elena Arellano AD Elena Arellano
Tyler Legacy TX/US Kenadi Carmichael AD Kenadi Carmichael
White Oak TX/US Zoey Cabral AC Zoey Cabral
White Oak TX/US Avery Spencer AC Avery Spencer
White Oak TX/US Jessica Lowery AC Jessica Lowery