Pine Tree UIL Walk the Plank Fall Speech and Writing Meet

2022 — Longview, TX/US
Field in Congressional Debate
33 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Tyler Legacy TX/US Addison Dixon AD Addison Dixon
Tyler Legacy TX/US Isaac Jones AD Isaac Jones
Tyler Legacy TX/US isaac rivers AD isaac rivers
Tyler Legacy TX/US kaydance mounts AD kaydance mounts
Tyler Legacy TX/US Michael Rowan AD Michael Rowan
Tyler Legacy TX/US Olivia Lindsey AD Olivia Lindsey
Sunnyvale TX/US Andrew Maresca AE Andrew Maresca
Sunnyvale TX/US Lyla Gent AE Lyla Gent
Shelbyville TX/US Ava Silva AK Ava Silva
Shelbyville TX/US Gray Winslow AK Gray Winslow
Shelbyville TX/US Maddie Lout AK Maddie Lout
Shelbyville TX/US Travis Caporali AK Travis Caporali
Brownsboro TX/US Cherylee Dick AL Cherylee Dick
Brownsboro TX/US Lukas Hammonds AL Lukas Hammonds
Brownsboro TX/US Mikah Stead AL Mikah Stead
Brownsboro TX/US Robyn Perez AL Robyn Perez
Sabine TX/US Keelyn McCary AM Keelyn McCary
Sabine TX/US Olivia Horton AM Olivia Horton
Henderson TX/US Isabella Craig AN Isabella Craig
Tatum TX/US Clinton Jones AP Clinton Jones
Tatum TX/US Dylan Adamson AP Dylan Adamson
Tatum TX/US Yoltic Barrera AP Yoltic Barrera
Carthage TX/US Elizabeth Pinkston AR Elizabeth Pinkston
Centerville TX/US Josselyn Kmiec AS Josselyn Kmiec
Centerville TX/US MacKenzie Lindsey AS MacKenzie Lindsey
Centerville TX/US Paolo Leduna AS Paolo Leduna
Rusk TX/US Carol Garcia AW Carol Garcia
Rusk TX/US Dakota Adams AW Dakota Adams
Rusk TX/US Kierra Milton AW Kierra Milton
Grand Saline TX/US Aspen Elder AZ Aspen Elder
Grand Saline TX/US Trent Edralin AZ Trent Edralin
Sabine TX/US Ro Adams Ro Adams
Grand Saline TX/US Victoria Olivares Victoria Olivares