Spartan Ram Fall Classic

2022 — Houston, TX/US
Field in Spartan Novice Extemp (Friday)
19 entries
School Location Entry Code
A and M Consolidated TX/US Alishba Azeem A and M Consolidated Alishba Azeem
Jersey Village TX/US Jade Barry Jersey Village Jade Barry
Jersey Village TX/US Angel Garcia Jersey Village Angel Garcia
Jersey Village TX/US Andrea Amaya Ortiz Jersey Village Andrea Amaya Ortiz
Memorial TX/US Mario Reyes Memorial Mario Reyes
Memorial TX/US Trevor Noll Memorial Trevor Noll
Memorial TX/US Anaya Housley Memorial Anaya Housley
Seven Lakes TX/US Kisa Kazmi Kisa Kazmi
Seven Lakes TX/US Advait Nair Seven Lakes Advait Nair
Seven Lakes TX/US Vania Mirza Seven Lakes Vania Mirza
Seven Lakes TX/US Ishaan Singh Seven Lakes Ishaan Singh
Spring Woods TX/US Henry Jackson Spring Woods Henry Jackson
Tompkins TX/US Bani Patel Tompkins Bani Patel
Tompkins TX/US Veda Rapolu Tompkins Veda Rapolu
Tompkins TX/US Ryan Mustafa Tompkins Ryan Mustafa
Tompkins TX/US Anya Prasanna Tompkins Anya Prasanna
Tompkins TX/US Inteeba Imtiaz Tompkins Inteeba Imtiaz
Tompkins TX/US Nayan Kasireddi Tompkins Nayan Kasireddi
Tompkins TX/US Sarim Mominkhawaja Tompkins Sarim Mominkhawaja