Spartan Ram Fall Classic

2022 — Houston, TX/US
Field in Ram Domestic Extemp (Saturday)
25 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
A and M Consolidated TX/US Justin Palazzolo A and M Consolidated Justin Palazzolo
Cy-Fair TX/US Alexander Martin Cy-Fair Alexander Martin
Cy-Fair TX/US Cassidy Childress Cy-Fair Cassidy Childress
Cy-Fair TX/US Holden Beard Cy-Fair Holden Beard
Cy-Fair TX/US Ian Esch Cy-Fair Ian Esch
Cypress Woods TX/US Edward Gordils Cypress Woods Edward Gordils
Seven Lakes TX/US John Lutterman John Lutterman
Katy Taylor TX/US Logan Hill Katy Taylor Logan Hill
Katy Taylor TX/US Vivienne Luu Katy Taylor Vivienne Luu
Klein Cain HS TX Elias Anderson Klein Cain HS Elias Anderson
Klein Cain HS TX Satoshi Fukuda Klein Cain HS Satoshi Fukuda
Memorial TX/US Matthew He Memorial Matthew He
Memorial TX/US Matthew Li Memorial Matthew Li
Seven Lakes TX/US Aadya Singh Seven Lakes Aadya Singh
Seven Lakes TX/US Andres Mendoza Casas Seven Lakes Andres Mendoza Casas
Seven Lakes TX/US Faariz Khan Seven Lakes Faariz Khan
Seven Lakes TX/US Harrison Kasundra Seven Lakes Harrison Kasundra
Seven Lakes TX/US Kate Njeru Seven Lakes Kate Njeru
Seven Lakes TX/US Rhett Malone Seven Lakes Rhett Malone
Seven Lakes TX/US Siri Ramineni Seven Lakes Siri Ramineni
Seven Lakes TX/US Toluwani Sotunde Seven Lakes Toluwani Sotunde
Seven Lakes TX/US Trisha Das Seven Lakes Trisha Das
Spring Woods TX/US Naomi Diaz Spring Woods Naomi Diaz
Tompkins TX/US Kannaa Chockalingam Tompkins Kannaa Chockalingam
Tompkins TX/US Tahseen Islam Tompkins Tahseen Islam