2022 Harrisburg Tiger Tournament

2022 — Harrisburg, SD/US
Field in Humorous Interpretation
27 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Brandon Valley SD/US Julia Tinker C Julia Tinker
Brandon Valley SD/US Olaf Lindquist C Olaf Lindquist
Brandon Valley SD/US sara sheppard C sara sheppard
SF Lincoln SD/US Coleigh Kjergaard D Coleigh Kjergaard
SF Lincoln SD/US Natalie Nolan D Natalie Nolan
Harrisburg SD/US Gabriel Frodermann F Gabriel Frodermann
Harrisburg SD/US Max Vandonslear F Max Vandonslear
Harrisburg SD/US Ryan Peltier F Ryan Peltier
Mitchell Christian SD/US I Won a Giant Inflatable Banana At the State Fair: Now What? H Aspen Lessman
Mitchell Christian SD/US Speaking Truth to Power: The Mirror's Tale H Lillian Strong
Centerville HS Tornadoes SD/US Luke Knight J Luke Knight
Avon School District 4-1 SD/US Abby Gretschmann K Abby Gretschmann
Avon School District 4-1 SD/US Ashley Tolsma K Ashley Tolsma
Beresford SD/US Ariana Moulton M Ariana Moulton
Beresford SD/US Haley Huot M Haley Huot
Beresford SD/US Juliet Josko M Juliet Josko
Beresford SD/US Max Josko M Max Josko
Beresford SD/US Rya Merrigan M Rya Merrigan
Beresford SD/US Maxwell Kinney Maxwell Kinney
SF Roosevelt SD/US Faith McDougle N Faith McDougle
SF Roosevelt SD/US Tiffany Kruse N Tiffany Kruse
Wagner SD/US Jackson Rolston R Jackson Rolston
Flandreau SD/US Alex Julson T Alex Julson
Flandreau SD/US Cj Thompson T Cj Thompson
Flandreau SD/US Liam Knippling T Liam Knippling
Flandreau SD/US Lyla Thompson T Lyla Thompson
Flandreau SD/US Makenzie Kuyper T Makenzie Kuyper