NIETOC TFA Space City Swing

2022 — Houston, TX/US
Field in Wildcat Domestic Extemp (Friday)
27 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
A and M Consolidated TX/US Noah Kim A and M Consolidated Noah Kim
Cypress Falls TX/US Roc Taylor Cypress Falls Roc Taylor
Dulles TX/US Manav Gandhi Dulles Manav Gandhi
Dulles TX/US Raina Patel Dulles Raina Patel
Episcopal HS - Houston Bellaire TX/US Emily Mckay Episcopal HS - Houston/Bellaire Emily Mckay
Hasting TX/US Aminat Agbaje Hasting Aminat Agbaje
Hasting TX/US Hanson Nwole Hasting Hanson Nwole
Jersey Village TX/US Allen Vallejo Jersey Village Allen Vallejo
Jordan TX/US Haider Al-Ali Jordan Haider Al-Ali
Jordan TX/US Jada Ogueh Jordan Jada Ogueh
Katy Taylor TX/US James Swank Katy Taylor James Swank
Katy Taylor TX/US Lucy Zeng Katy Taylor Lucy Zeng
Lamar TX/US Oliver Hoeink Lamar Oliver Hoeink
Seven Lakes TX/US Lily Erickson Lily Erickson
LV Hightower TX/US Gaurav Verghese LV Hightower Gaurav Verghese
Seven Lakes TX/US Vaani Mathur Seven Lakes Vaani Mathur
Stratford TX/US Paul Robinson Stratford Paul Robinson
Stratford TX/US Sami Talje Stratford Sami Talje
Tompkins TX/US Jaylon Ma Tompkins Jaylon Ma
Tompkins TX/US Roschelle D'souza Tompkins Roschelle D'souza
Tompkins TX/US Sachit Devaraj Tompkins Sachit Devaraj
Tompkins TX/US Sanjay Senthilvelan Tompkins Sanjay Senthilvelan
Tompkins TX/US Tahseen Islam Tompkins Tahseen Islam
Tompkins TX/US Tamara Solayappan Tompkins Tamara Solayappan
William P. Clements TX/US Ashmit Bhatnagar William P. Clements Ashmit Bhatnagar
William P. Clements TX/US Krishna Batabyal William P. Clements Krishna Batabyal
Woodlands TX/US Rachel Williams Woodlands Rachel Williams