NIETOC TFA Space City Swing

2022 — Houston, TX/US
Field in Lobo Foreign Extemp (Saturday)
37 entries
School Location Entry Code
A and M Consolidated TX/US Justin Palazzolo A and M Consolidated Justin Palazzolo
Cypress Creek TX/US Luis Gonzalez Cypress Creek Luis Gonzalez
Cypress Lakes TX/US Arnav Gupta Cypress Lakes Arnav Gupta
Cypress Park TX/US Valery Amaya Cypress Park Valery Amaya
Cypress Park TX/US Emily Hernandez Cypress Park Emily Hernandez
Cypress Park TX/US Michael Alvarez-Phillips Cypress Park Michael Alvarez-Phillips
Cypress Ranch TX/US Eesha Nair Cypress Ranch Eesha Nair
Cypress Ranch TX/US Anne-Jolie Wilson Cypress Ranch Anne-Jolie Wilson
Episcopal HS - Houston Bellaire TX/US William Moursund Episcopal HS - Houston/Bellaire William Moursund
Friendswood TX/US Thomas Basciano Friendswood Thomas Basciano
Jordan TX/US Vibhu Kanna Jordan Vibhu Kanna
Jordan TX/US Abhinav Kotha Jordan Abhinav Kotha
Jordan TX/US Mariam Elsherbiny Jordan Mariam Elsherbiny
Katy Taylor TX/US Jazmin Tzul Katy Taylor Jazmin Tzul
Katy Taylor TX/US Vivienne Luu Katy Taylor Vivienne Luu
LV Hightower TX/US Venus Kumar LV Hightower Venus Kumar
Ridge Point TX/US Adam Latta Ridge Point Adam Latta
Ridge Point TX/US Anthony Cruz Ridge Point Anthony Cruz
Ridge Point TX/US Michael Revere Ridge Point Michael Revere
Ridge Point TX/US Darrel D'Empaire Ridge Point Darrel D'Empaire
Ridge Point TX/US Sathvik Sankaranarayanan Ridge Point Sathvik Sankaranarayanan
Seven Lakes TX/US Achyut Nair Seven Lakes Achyut Nair
Seven Lakes TX/US Shriman Thandra Seven Lakes Shriman Thandra
Seven Lakes TX/US Diego Mendoza Casas Seven Lakes Diego Mendoza Casas
Kinkaid TX/US Alexander Miles Kinkaid Alexander Miles
Woodlands TX/US Dylan King Woodlands Dylan King
Woodlands TX/US Niyati Sur Woodlands Niyati Sur
Woodlands TX/US Julia Apuda Woodlands Julia Apuda
Woodlands TX/US Lana Lindsay Woodlands Lana Lindsay
Woodlands TX/US Jacques Holloway Woodlands Jacques Holloway
Tompkins TX/US Sofia Smith Tompkins Sofia Smith
Tompkins TX/US Loukya Kotla Tompkins Loukya Kotla
Tompkins TX/US Prisha Singh Tompkins Prisha Singh
Tompkins TX/US Pranav Kothur Tompkins Pranav Kothur
Tompkins TX/US Abhishta Thota Tompkins Abhishta Thota
Tompkins TX/US Daniel Rupawalla Tompkins Daniel Rupawalla
Tompkins TX/US Meghana Kunapareddy Tompkins Meghana Kunapareddy