The Paradigm Dowling Catholic

2020 — Online, IA/US
Field in Novice Policy
37 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status Record
New Trier IL/US Harrison & Shah Avi Shah
Blue Valley Northwest KS/US Flood & Thatipelli Blue Valley Northwest FT
Blue Valley Northwest KS/US Gugnani & Wang Blue Valley Northwest GW
Blue Valley Northwest KS/US Krishnan & Watson Blue Valley Northwest KW
Blue Valley Northwest KS/US Kingston & Yang Blue Valley Northwest KY
Evanston Twp IL/US Bautista & Evans Evanston Twp BE
Glenbrook North IL/US Ben-Isvy & Carpenter Glenbrook North BC
Glenbrook North IL/US Chin & Lam Glenbrook North CL
Glenbrook North IL/US Fernandez & Malin Glenbrook North FM
Glenbrook North IL/US Genkin & Rhee Glenbrook North GR
Glenbrook North IL/US Goldberg & Tarter Glenbrook North GT
Glenbrook North IL/US Pekala & Smagorinsky Glenbrook North PS
Glenbrook South IL/US Chu & Ali Glenbrook South CA
Glenbrook South IL/US Kwon & Sutton Glenbrook South KS
Glenbrook South IL/US Lulla & Nelson Glenbrook South LN
Glenbrook South IL/US Lee & Shellenbarger Glenbrook South LS
Glenbrook South IL/US Lee & Philbrick Glenbrook South PL
Glenbrook South IL/US Streicher & Stanzi Glenbrook South SS
Glenbrook South IL/US Yap & Shankman Glenbrook South YS
Iowa City Liberty IA/US Brintle & Palmer Iowa City Liberty BP
Iowa City Liberty IA/US Thompson & Fajardo-Cassab Iowa City Liberty TF
Iowa City West IA/US Kuchhal & Lam Iowa City West KL
Iowa City West IA/US Singh & Reddy Iowa City West SR
Mill Valley KS/US Cormany & Martin Mill Valley CM
Mill Valley KS/US Clement & Peters Mill Valley CP
New Trier IL/US Crocker & McGuirk New Trier CM
New Trier IL/US Hernandez & Hutchinson New Trier HH
New Trier IL/US Magnus Lee New Trier ML
New Trier IL/US Mukherjee & Xu New Trier MX
Niles North IL/US Hussain & Dave Niles North HD
Niles West IL/US Etienne & Turek Niles West ET
Niles West IL/US Thai & Gartner Niles West TG
Oak Park and River Forest IL/US Mrotzek & Heflin Oak Park and River Forest HM
Okemos MI/US Olivo & Dong Okemos OD
Univ Of Chicago Lab IL/US Cheema & Derroitte Univ Of Chicago Lab CD
Univ Of Chicago Lab IL/US Kim & Esmailzadeh Univ Of Chicago Lab KE
West HS SLC UT/US Sodisetti & Zhang West HS SLC SZ