The Dowling Catholic Paradigm

2019 — West Des Moines, IA/US
Field in Policy Debate
88 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Record
Barstow MO/US Eurich & Wright Barstow EW
Barstow MO/US Luce & Lubianestsky Barstow LL
Barstow MO/US Malay & Brous Barstow MB
Barstow MO/US Waldman & Lakkireddy Barstow WL
Blue Valley Northwest KS/US Bhagavan & Mansoor Blue Valley Northwest BM
Minneapolis South MN/US Chang-Deutsch & Conry Clara Conry
Oak Park and River Forest IL/US Griffith & Shafiro David Griffith
Edina MN/US Ouyang & Landon Edina OL
Edina MN/US Shah & Atri Edina SA
Glenbrook North IL/US Bauer & Bellam Glenbrook North BB
Glenbrook North IL/US Barber & Chen Glenbrook North BC
Glenbrook North IL/US Guno & Peng Glenbrook North GP
Glenbrook North IL/US Kalinovskiy & Smith Glenbrook North KS
Glenbrook South IL/US Abughosh & Dressler Glenbrook South AD
Glenbrook South IL/US Baime & Frese Glenbrook South BF
Glenbrook South IL/US Brower & Wawrzyn Glenbrook South BW
Glenbrook South IL/US Dickinson & Mavrianos Glenbrook South DM
Glenbrook South IL/US Heublein & Rudolph Glenbrook South HR
Glenbrook South IL/US Kiefer & Leipzig Glenbrook South KL
Glenbrook South IL/US Khan & Zhukovsky Glenbrook South KZ
Glendale MO/US Baxley & Morrow Glendale BM
Glendale MO/US Ebisch & Rauhoff Glendale ER
Greenwood Laboratory MO/US Parrish & Grace Greenwood Laboratory PG
Homestead WI/US Medeiros & Wang Homestead MW
Iowa City IA/US Chen & Weiss Iowa City CW
Iowa City West IA/US D'Alessandro & Sharda Iowa City West DS
Iowa City West IA/US Liao & Bharanidhar Iowa City West LB
Iowa City West IA/US Luo & Clark Iowa City West LC
Jefferson City MO/US Bond & Corwin Jefferson City BC
Jefferson City MO/US Powers & Schoonover Jefferson City PS
Jones IL/US Boyd & Martinez Jones BM
Jones IL/US O'Brien & Kopplin-Rabanne Jones OK
Jones IL/US Rubinov & Chin Jones RC
Kennedy IL/US Perez & Stamenkovic Kennedy PS
Kent Denver CO/US Halverson & Sullivan Kent Denver HS
Kent Denver CO/US Landgraff & Kim Kent Denver LK
La Crosse Central WI/US Baines & Toribio La Crosse Central BT
Lane Tech College Prep IL/US Beaton & Jones Lane Tech BJ
Lane Tech College Prep IL/US Grey & Puerto Lane Tech GP
Lane Tech College Prep IL/US Datcu & Ortiz Lane Tech OD
Lane Tech College Prep IL/US Price & Rosenbaum Lane Tech PR
Lincoln NE/US Almusawy & Rouse Lincoln AR
Lincoln East NE/US Palli & Song Lincoln East PS
Lincoln East NE/US Weber & Tan Lincoln East WT
Lindblom Math and Science IL/US Davis & Smith Lindblom Math and Science DS
Maine East IL/US Piekut & Piekut Maine East PP
Maine East IL/US Shah & Rimal Maine East SR
Maine East IL/US Shah & Tsogtjargal Maine East ST
Millard North NE/US Kane & Larsen Millard North KL
Millard North NE/US Thoms & Shelton Millard North TS
Millard South NE/US Flores-Ramos & Constantino Millard South FC
Millard South NE/US Sorrell & Snelling Millard South SS
Millard West NE/US Eljamal & Bryant Millard West BE
Minneapolis South MN/US Kaiser & Niblett Minneapolis South NK
New Trier IL/US Jones & Warshauer New Trier JW
New Trier IL/US Roytburg & Wilson New Trier RW
New Trier IL/US Dizon & Ware New Trier WD
Niles West IL/US Bat-erdene & Bennett Niles West BB
Niles West IL/US De Vera & Shah Niles West DS
Niles West IL/US Kim & Sejdiu Niles West KS
Niles West IL/US Patel & Taj Niles West PT
Northside College Prep IL/US Chen & Chun Northside CC
Northside College Prep IL/US Cavanaugh & Hernandez Northside CH
Northside College Prep IL/US Costell & Rahaman Northside CR
Northside College Prep IL/US Hollis & Kern Northside HK
Northside College Prep IL/US Katz & Wang Northside KW
Northside College Prep IL/US Sung & Sodini Northside SS
Oak Park and River Forest IL/US Espinosa & Martin Oak Park and River Forest EM
Oak Park and River Forest IL/US Blasi & Ruland Oak Park and River Forest RB
Rosemount MN/US Beyer & Che Rosemount Sr BC
Rosemount MN/US Freeburg & Koperski Rosemount Sr FK
Rosemount MN/US Huang & Rudd Rosemount Sr HR
Rosemount MN/US Jackson & Nozal Rosemount Sr JN
SF Roosevelt SD/US Huntimer & Kroger SF Roosevelt HK
SF Roosevelt SD/US Luckett & Torguson SF Roosevelt LT
SF Roosevelt SD/US Wells & Moriarty SF Roosevelt WM
Solorio IL/US Gutierrez & Vazquez Solorio GV
Edina MN/US Anderson McElligott & Boorsma Bergerud Spencer Anderson McElligott
Thomas Kelly IL/US Rodriguez & Lin Thomas Kelly RL
Walter Payton IL/US Gies & Watts Walter Payton GW
Walter Payton IL/US Hemingway & Paranikas Walter Payton HP
Walter Payton IL/US Konow & Richardson Walter Payton KR
Walter Payton IL/US Lawless & Aneesh Walter Payton LA
Walter Payton IL/US McDermott & Weese Walter Payton MW
Washburn Rural KS/US Kessler & Peter Washburn Rural KP
Washington SD/US Rosenberg & Nold Washington RN
Wayzata MN/US Liang & Yerraguntala Wayzata YL
West Des Moines Valley IA/US Dervesh & Dukle West Des Moines Valley DD