The Zodiac

2023 — Payson, UT/US

Character Spar

Abbreviation Char
Format Speech
Entry Fee $4.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

You can leave and save comments for each individual separately and then comments to team as a whole. Please make sure to leave something. You should enter your decision first and then you can update or put in comments later if needed or type as you go.

Students will occasionally ask for time signals, it is up to you whether or not you would like to honor that request. Time signals are a simple system that let competitors know how much time they have used throughout the speech. The most common time signals are to alert the student when they have two minutes remaining by holding two of your fingers in the air, like a peace sign, and to alert them when they have one minute remaining by holding one finger in the air.

In speech, it is common for competitors to enter in more than one event for the tournament, this is called being cross-entered. Student’s who are cross-entered should be allowed to speak earlier in the round if they have another event to go to, and should be excused for entering the round late if they were competing in a different event in the same round.

At the end of the round, the judge will evaluate the speakers and rate them on a scale from one to six, with the best performance receiving the one ranking. After the rankings are complete, judges should return their ballots to the tournament organizer if on paper. Enter results/rankings ASAP and then go back to leave further comments for the competitors if online.

For Character SPAR: Students will select a random character as well as work out who is going pro or con and deciding the topic. (usually a flip and one decides which they'd like to choose). Then they will have one minute to prepare their arguments as well as how to debate as that character would. THIS DOES NOT GIVE ANY EXCUSE TO BE OFFENSIVE, RUDE, or DISCRIMINATORY!.

1 min. Prep

2 min. Affirmative Constructive

2 min. Negative Constructive

3 min. Cross Examination

1 min. Affirmative Rebuttal

1 min. Negative Rebuttal