Tall City Invitational Legacy High School Rebel Debate

2022 — Midland, TX/US

Congressional Debate

Abbreviation CONG
Format Congress
Entry Fee $15.00
Overall Entry Limit 75
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

We will be using the TFA Fall 2022 Docket.

This is week 8 of the IQT season and the docket will be limited to items 1-5 for the preliminary rounds and items 6-10 for the final round.


1 A Bill to Designate Federal Land to Encourage Regenerative Agriculture Authored by W.B. Ray
2 A Bill to Provide Comprehensive Sexuality Education Authored by Tascosa
3 The Firearm Safety Act of 2022 Authored by Dripping Springs
4 A Bill to Ban Cluster Munitions Authored by James E. Taylor
5 A Resolution to Raise the Military Enlistment Age to 21 Authored by Granbury


6 A Bill to Make Post-Secondary Education Affordable Authored by James Bowie
7 A Bill to Create an Arctic Fleet Authored by St. Mary’s Hall
8 A Bill to End the Disinformation Governance Board Authored by Bellaire
9 A Resolution to Establish a Center for Democracy within NATO Authored by R.C. Clark
10 A Resolution to Minimize Space Traffic Authored by Royse City

Link to the PDF of the full docket as posted on the TFA website