Washington Warrior Invite

2021 — Sioux Falls, SD/US

Novice Dramatic Interp

Abbreviation NDI
Format Speech
Entry Fee $7.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

For 1st year (or limited 2nd year speakers) Note: Scripts are NOT required to be used, but can be

Interpretation This includes categories of individual (solo) performance of dramatic (serious) and humorous literature, as well as duo performance of either emotive appeal, with selections drawn from published, printed: novels, short stories, plays, poetry, or other printed, published works, PDFs, e-books, as well as limited online works as provided for in the rules below. 1. Divisions. Contests are conducted in Dramatic, Humorous, Duo, and Program Oral Interpretation.

See additional rules for the supplemental and consolation interpretation events of Poetry, Prose, and Storytelling.

2. Length: The time limit in Interpretation Main Events (Dramatic, Humorous, Duo, and Program Oral Interpretation) is ten minutes with a 30-second “grace period.” If there are multiple judges in the round, all must agree that the student has gone beyond the grace period. Should a student go beyond the grace period, the student may not be ranked 1st. There is no other prescribed penalty for going over the grace period. The ranking is up to each individual judge’s discretion. Judges who choose to time are to use accurate (stopwatch function) timing devices. No minimum time is mandated.

3. Material: Selections used in these contests must be cuttings from a single work of literature (one short story, play, or novel). If the source is an anthology (collection of short stories, plays, or novels), each selection of literature is independent and only one selection can be used, even if it is from the same author. In the genre of poetry, cuttings may come from one or more poems or a collection of poems. Unlike the other interpretation events, Program Oral Interpretation may use multiple sources for the program. Song lyrics may be used if the performer has an original, hard copy of the lyrics such as sheet music or a CD jacket. Lyrics may only be used from online sources that appear on the approved websites list.