Newton South Winter Festival

2017 — Newton, MA/US

Dramatic Performance

Abbreviation DP
Format Speech
Entry Fee $6.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

This is a memorized event in which the student presents a selection of literature.  The presentation should include an introduction that cites the name of the piece and the author, and should develop the narrative and/or character(s) via vocal and physical techniques.  Neither monologues nor works with multiple characters are inherently better. The selection must be from a single published play, a fictional or non- fictional work, or a poem.  Material from more than one author is not allowed.  The author’s words as published in the literature may not be altered for this presentation with the exception that cutting is permitted.  Speakers may not take lines belonging to one character and apply them to a different character in the performance.  No scripts, costumes, or props may be used in the presentation.
Time:  10 minute maximum, including introduction (30 second grace); no minimum