Newton South Winter Festival

2017 — Newton, MA/US

Duo Interp

Abbreviation DUO
Format Speech
Entry Fee $12.00
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Duo is a unique event, challenging two performers to render a dynamic moment utilizing appropriate vocal expression, gesture, and interaction between partners.  As a unit, the two performers will vocally and physically respond to each other’s verbal and non-verbal cues while maintaining an offstage focus.  Thus, the scene requiring disciplined interplay between partners and the environment created in the minds of the audience.  The students may only touch and make eye contact during their own written introduction.  If lines from the selection are used in the introduction, the contestants must adhere to the rules of the event.  Speakers may not take lines belonging to one character and apply them to a different character in the performance.  The material may be humorous or dramatic, or may combine both tones, depending on the work selected.  Performers may play more than one character if they choose, but it is not required.  No scripts, costumes, or props may be used in the presentation.
      Time:  10 minute maximum, including introduction (30 second grace); no minimum