Stephen Stewart Memorial Middle and High School Invitational

2023 — Milpitas, CA/US

Original Oratory

Abbreviation OO
Format Speech
Entry Fee $35.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Original Oratory (OO): In this event, the student both writes and delivers their speech. The speaker will attempt to persuade you on any issue or topic dealing with society or individuals. The speaker is not expected in any way to solve the great problems of the day. Rather they should be expected to discuss intelligently, with a degree of originality, in an interesting manner and with some profit to the audience, the topic chosen. Any appropriate subject may be used, but the orator must be truthful, and the subject should be appropriate to the speaker and to the audience. Their thesis must be clear and understandable. No props are allowed. Citing sources such as magazines, authors, etc. increases the credibility of the speech. Speeches must be delivered from memory.