Stephen Stewart Memorial Middle and High School Invitational

2023 — Milpitas, CA/US

Dramatic Interp

Abbreviation DI
Format Speech
Entry Fee $35.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

No selection shall be the contestant’s own work; the contestant shall suggest the thoughts, emotions, the ideas and the purposes of the author. No costumes or props (the use of something extraneous to the body) shall be permitted in interpretation with the exception of thematic interpretation which requires the student to hold a manuscript. Although gestures or pantomime may be used, they should be used with restraint. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SELECTION: The title of the selection, name of the author, and appropriate source cites shall be given by the contestant when the selection is introduced. TIME LIMITS: 10 minutes. No time signals are necessary. AIDS: The interpretation must be delivered from memory. No notes, prompting, or scripts are permitted.

Dramatic Interpretation (DI): Dramatic interpretation is similar to humorous interpretation except that the selection is of a serious nature. Remember, that dramatic interpretation does NOT mean that the most dramatic piece wins. The first place should go to the student who does the best job interpreting their selection. Both one-character monologues and multiple characters may be used.