SPDL Playoffs Day 2

2023 — Fort Washington, PA/US


Abbreviation IMP
Format Speech
Entry Fee $0.00
Entry Limit Per School 6
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

In an Impromptu round the speaker receives the three prompts. The student must select one and begin brainstorming their ideas for the speech. (The two unused topics remain in play and are sent to the subsequent speaker along with the next topic in the list). In total, a student has seven minutes. This seven minutes may be divided up by the student however they see fit. There is no minimum amount of time required for brainstorming and no minimum amount of time for speaking. Sometimes kids think it’s more impressive to speak longer, but if the ideas aren’t clear or well developed, it can detract from the overall performance.

An Impromptu speech follows a basic structure in which a student presents an introduction, body, and conclusion. Similar to other public speaking events, the introduction should provide adequate context for the trajectory of the speech. If a student has illustrated an example, conveyed their chosen prompt, and provided a thesis statement for the speech, they have created a structurally sound introduction! The most common formulation for the body of the speech is to explore two or three topic areas in greater depth. For example, if a student’s thesis focuses on cultivating innovation, they would likely introduce two effective ways to do so and use examples to prove their point. Following this, the student will conclude the speech by reiterating the prompt, thesis, and main arguments.


Maximum - 7 minutes.

If the speaker goes over a 30 second grace period, that contestant must not be awarded first place.

No minimum time.

Directions: Using the prompts below, please provide constructive feedback to the competitor. Your comments should highlight areas of strength as well as provide areas for growth. Be as specific as possible in your feedback. Use the space to expand your thoughts on any of these areas or to comment on specific moments or lines that stood out to you. Please do not comment on participants’ attire or appearance; this should not play a role in your decision.


Does the student have a clear structure to their speech? Are transitions used to move effectively between each part of the speech? Does the development of the speech make sense?


Does the student directly address the prompt? Does the student develop justifications for their ideas and establish significance to the points?


Does the student use voice, movement, and expression effectively? Is the speaker confident? Is there consistent eye contact? Is the volume appropriate? Speakers must not be penalized for expressing views with which the judge happens to disagree. While generally delivered standing, some students will not be able to do so with their presentation space.

• While generally delivered standing, some students will not be able to do so with their presentation space for online competition.